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    What has happened to My Clickbank Sales?

    Right you are sir. they actually did reply to the ticket I submitted too I'm somewhat impressed that they actually replied. however it's not as easy as they're making it sound to promote their products and actually make a buck but then again every product owner says the same line Q:How much...
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    What has happened to My Clickbank Sales?

    Interesting Correct me if I'm wrong but the Total field is supposed to be ALWAYS a total disregarding any kind of math equation so those who are in defense of CB bs. care to tell us if a company "THAT BIG" tracking system can't do a simple 12+1 math equation what more their freaking affiliate...
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    A little help?

    A little hint I pickedup here somewhere using google search type in site:
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    What do you spend the most time on

    Me : 90% time on BHW since its about the ONLY place that some "gurus" around here will give you vaguely a general idea about some kind of idea that will actually generate money yeah you better be familiar with a shitload of alot about IM in order to actually understand and IMPLEMENT that vague...
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    Message to ALL beginners trying to "make money online"

    WARNING: just a noob dashing out feelings underneath! in all kinds of random talking probably won't even make sense to most ppl but it does to me and it felt good to share it! As a noob that hasn't made a dime out of IM about a year or so later (of course I gave up weeks then back on and off...
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    What has happened to My Clickbank Sales?

    @music4mic thanks And just WOW the thread is over a year old and it's still got ppl talking about gettin ripped off and shaved and\or smelling fish! I believe CB is no more noob-heaven? since that's the first reason they got all those affiliates selling their products. I'm getting frustrated...
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    Got this in a PM, how legit is it?

    Haven't been scammed this way and never will hopefully, why? because every time u feel ur in the generous mood to contributing some good into this world go to nearest charity program or a cancer healing foundation or whatever you name it period.
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    [GET] Unlimited AutoBLOGS on a DEDICATED SERVER with WP-ROBOT

    I'm a super autoblogging noob Would like to tell those who flame anyone for making these kind of services available either you got something good and of value to say to noobs say it other wise just stay away from your keyboard and save the noobs the fear you keep putting into them. as for me...
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    List of CPA Networks

    Since this is a sticky and probably best place to ask about CPA networks and the list hasn't been updated in quite awhile and CPA noob(s) -ME- would really appreciate an update. Any CPA experienced members around here please feel free to just name out 3 reliable ,honest and noob friendly...
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    [Tutorial] Beginners Guide to Autoblogging - TheProductJudge

    Sorry for all the hella questions but bear with me thank you. what do u mean by "examine statspress" ? and I'm using the All in one Adsense and YPN not the Adsense optimizer plugin would there be any difference if I switched to that one?
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    [Tutorial] Beginners Guide to Autoblogging - TheProductJudge

    By the way what exactly do u mean by unique visitors instead of me just updating the page? I thought the stats Statpress gives are pretty accurate and true. because if it says 1 visitor everytime i check my blog that would be sick. thats not the case is it? and appear in search engines you mean...
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    Anyone who's autoblogging with

    Have you noticed it didn't even remove the bolding tags from the headlines? lol And that's a salespage seriously? my test\trash blog page looks better than that. I'll be surprised if he didn't get a ban soon. First he offers a completely useless looking product not only that but sending us to...
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    [Tutorial] Beginners Guide to Autoblogging - TheProductJudge

    smashedpumpkins doesn't have to be the one answering my question any successful autoblogger feel free to tell me are these stats worth anything? I'm a noob and just starting to get frustrated to see traffic with no kind of revenue whatsoever :( the blog is about a week old. I've read that you...
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    [Tutorial] Beginners Guide to Autoblogging - TheProductJudge

    Getting alittle frustrated but isn't this the kind of stats from statpress that generate at least $1? or at least one click that's worth $0.01
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    [Tutorial] Beginners Guide to Autoblogging - TheProductJudge

    Okay I'm really suprised to know its not even on the homepage because I was actually wondering where it is and I've been on there for a week now still can't find it lmao. Also is it just me or you can't load your blogs atm? because im trying to go to the blog and it just keeps loading the...
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    [Tutorial] Beginners Guide to Autoblogging - TheProductJudge

    Good luck with the update thanks again for the free service. Noob question.. Where exactly is that 1 ad that gets generated automatically on my site?
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    Can You Review my Autoblog Site ?

    Good job on the categorizing the posts and all but as everyone else yes the template is abit too plain for gamers remember most of them are crazy people (just a metaphor) too much dull colors. I'd go with a black\green\dark blue template try making it sexier for the eyes to keep em reading on...
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    [Tutorial] Beginners Guide to Autoblogging - TheProductJudge

    smashedpumpkins please work around that post problem they always still get authored under the name Randy. Keep us posted if theres away around that also. the only way i found so far is to fix it manually yeah you have to go to every single post and change Author\pen-name to whatever nickname...
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    [Tutorial] Beginners Guide to Autoblogging - TheProductJudge

    Hey man All of the posts get Authored by name Randy is there anyway to fix that? Why does it always have your name as Author :D
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    Can't seem to make any money with autoblog

    Any autoblogging gurus please tell us what NOT TO DO if we use adsense on our autoblogs because I just started my very first autoblog and I already have Adsense setup there and I don't want to get banned lol. Also when Mr.G bans you do they use some kind of smart IP ban? like you can never...