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    [METHOD] Long Term SEO Success - How to Start a Cheap Blog Network with Authority!

    So abhi007 this is probably a bad method, correct?
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    Need Word Press Squeeze Pages!!! HELP

    Try using OptimizePress, you can customize your landing page to your needs. I've used it a few times, it actually comes pretty handy.
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    question for full time SEOs

    I've got my McDonalds job lined up. ;)
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    Swedish 12 year old kid found a security hole in google.

    Well at least he can add it to his resume. ;)
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    [METHOD] How I made $3123.73 from YouTube NOT using PPD Completely On Autopilot

    Thanks for the great idea! In terms of setting up a shopping cart on your website, did you use wooCommerce to integrate the cart? Did you manually code it?
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    where can i buy youtube views ?

    FIVERR of course. Google: Fiverr Visit the first link. Search: "Youtube" in the search box (in fiverr).
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    EMD - Case Study

    This is a question about your link building. The sites that link in and build your rankings, are they your own personal sites? Or do you actually outreach and ask for links on others blogs?
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    EMD - Case Study

    Danailo! What do you think about all those packages offered in the Services for Sale section. For example paying $100 for 6 PR 6 links, social bookmarking, Web 2.0 links etc. Do you think they are worth it and will help my websites ranking? Or do you think its a waste of money!
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    HOW to get your site INDEXED FAST!

    I'll try that, thanks. I want a FAST way, and under an hour qualifies as fast :)
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    How to add webmaster tools

    Search WEBMASTER TOOLS on Google. Make an account, or use an existing Google Account. Then add your website to your profile (it will be clearly displayed when you login the first time). DONE!
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    Changing to

    Easy fix to your problem... Just get a plugin for 301 Redirect. I believe there is a plugin called "Redirection". Install App. Redirect the to or vice versa.
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    HOW to get your site INDEXED FAST!

    Thanks for the ideas guys, I am making a Google+ account at the moment, and trying LiveJournal. Going to check the server logs as well. Thanks for your inputs! Whiny little girls eh, I'll change it for you. If I can.
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    Stay away from

    You should try their support, they respond to me in less than 24hrs everytime!
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    Stay away from

    Sorry didn't see your response. Freelancer's goal is to link up the employer and freelancer. They make money by charging crazy high fees for the first project, and both parties do pay this cost as the parties do not trust each other yet. Freelancer helps you build the trust, and then take your...
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    im noob, i don't speek english i make 300$/week on

    He manually follows each person.... and then they follow back. MAKE SENSE?
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    EMD - Case Study

    danailo, I was wondering where you buy your high quality articles from. I need a good writer for my blog, and it seems you trust your writers.
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    HOW to get your site INDEXED FAST!

    I've looked. I've already tried the stuff they've recommended. Trying to get new ideas.
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    HOW to get your site INDEXED FAST!

    Hey thanks, this is great! I have heard of linklicious, about to use that as well. ;)
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    HOW to get your site INDEXED FAST!

    Title explains itself very clearly, want to get a sports betting site indexed as soon as possible! Any tips? ;)
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    Google Update Today 05-14-2013?

    No changes for me either, from Canada.