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    Heiko The SuperMod Answers Career And Personal Life Questions

    1. Could you please tell us a little about the journey and how you started in internet marketing/SEO? A: My journey started pretty messy to be honest. I was working a call center job in 2016 and i really liked the job (but the payout was not really good), so I started to search for some ways to...
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    How My Internal SEO Process Works That Gets Quick Results For Guest Post Outreach

    I’ve recently been working with a close friend to help him build an internal team to do content and links for his very successful but generally SEO-neglected service business. I thought it might be helpful and interesting to take you through a high-level overview of what all I did, and what the...
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    How To Deal With Unlinked HARO Mentions

    Hey all, wanted to share one of my best HARO based unlinked mentions hacks Background: With HARO I've found that more than 25% of our mentions are either unlinked or incorrect links. Often the attribution will be to my experts' social media profiles, which doesn't really help us at all. So...
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    Festinger Talks About His Career & Why He Is Obsessed With WordPress [Geasy First 2022 Interview]

    Today I decided to publish an interview with @Festinger that I did a while back but since I was away from the forum for some time now I couldn't publish it. I re-interviewed Festinger again on some questions as you know things change dramatically fast in our space and he was kind again to redo...
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    Premium Google Properties By Geasy ██████████ + Free Finding Hidden Keyword Gems

    FAQ Pricing It costs only 99.99$ for 20+ links and +3000 words of highly engaging content distributed into stacks. That comes cheaper than 5$ a link from Google properties. 1. What's your TAT? Delivery time is 5-7 business days. 2. Do you provide reports? Yes, a full detailed report will...
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    Expert Interview - Tiiberius Answers SEO Questions

    Last year I did 7 interviews with some of the most respected members of the BHW Forum. I decided to continue with the tradition this year as well, bring up some other reputed members that I did not interview last year and maybe re-interview some of them again as in the IM/SEO world changes...
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    [Method] Increase Your Search Traffic Without Adding New Content (Link Pruning)

    Thought I'd share a tactic that we've been using really successfully in order to build new, relevant backlinks each month. In the past three months, we've built 120 links (read: from 120 different domains) without creating any net new content -- yet, we've placed content on each of the sites to...
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    [Method] Using Regex On GSC To Find Long-Tail Keywords

    ([^” “]*\s){7,}? This will give you all queries with 8 or more words. You can use this to find longtail keywords with high impressions. Quick and dirty optimization would be to add them as H2s and write a ~100-200 word answer for each.
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    BlackHat Link Building Technique - *Not Ethical

    Today one of our clients received an email from a “photographer” saying he owned the copyright to an image that we had sourced from Pexels it was uploaded a few years ago (looked like a mass templates email). This guy emails saying he owns it and to link to a finance calculator website if we...
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    █████ [7 Days Free Trial] █████ Geasy Laboratory ▶️ Roll Up Links ◀️❌❌1000+ Words On DR +80 Links ❤️❤️❤️

    FAQ 1. What's your TAT? Bronze Plan - Up To 10 business days Silver Plan - Up To 15 business days Gold Plan - Up to 20 business days 2. Do you provide reports? Yes, a full detailed report will be delivered to you over the dedicated platform and to your email as well. 3. What is the refund...
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    [Guide] Things You Must Know Before You Do Link Building

    When doing link building there are many questions that flow up on your mind like should we use the same site to link us twice? What kind of anchor text should we use? I decided to make a post and answer some of the most important things you should know. Common Questions Referring Domain (RD)...
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    [3 Free Audit Sheets] Technical Site Audit by Geasy - See What's Stopping You From Ranking

    3 Free Scripts That You Can Use To Audit Your Website that we use internally in our team. Search Console Explorer Sheet Find Low CTR Pages From Your Site Finding Internal Link Opportunities FAQ Pricing The audit costs only 79.99$. We perform the audit with templates that are used by experts...
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    [Method] Easiest Way To Increase DR On Ahrefs

    Get listed as a Google Certified Photographer. I have a site with 1 or 2 other links and have. DR of 52 The process of being a Google Certified Photographer isn't that complex and if you're crazy about metrics like I am it is totally worth your time. These 2 guides should help you out...
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    [Method] Creating Tools To Get A Ton Of Free Links

    One of the most highly linkable assets in digital marketing is "Tools" Bloggers creating "Free Tools" blog posts and "Everything You Need To Do XYZ" love to link to tools such as "Privacy Policy Generators" and/or "SaaS MRR Calculators" -- I'm pretty confident (research underway) that this is...
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    Google announces product reviews algorithm update

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    How I added 150+ clicks a day to two existing blog posts

    1. GSC: find keywords with the highest clicks and impressions. In both cases, we were average position 2-3. 2. Google the keyword and open all 10 pages in separate tabs. Note the headings (I use SEO Minion to scrape them). 3. Dump them all into a spreadsheet, filter by H2 and H3. 4. Now...
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    [Method] Scholarship links are dead and here is another way to get edu backlinks.

    Scholarship links are dead and here is another way to get Edu backlinks. 1. Search for US universities that have a "Directory" page on them. Usually this directory is the list of alumni, present students, and teachers. 2. Filter out current students and scrape their emails. 3. Almost all...
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    Must Know Google Search Operators

    I created this thread to share with you some Google Search Operators that I use regularly. They're not discussed very often here on the forum, I dunno why though because they are very helpful to me, especially when I try to find hidden PBNs that my competitors are using, finding new link...
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    [Method] How To Get Free Niche-Relevant Backlinks Using Facebook Groups

    While everyone has the ability to outreach sites and ask for a link, I felt that I need to find a more efficient method to reach out to better sites that don't get +50 requests for guest posts on a daily basis. I have nothing against that method, in fact, I've been using it for over 5 years and...
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    [Method] Ahrefs Link Building Technique You Didn't Know About

    Content Explorer has a searchable database of 404 pages that have backlinks. If you add the right filters, you’ll find tons of opportunities pretty fast Just do this: 1. Enter a keyword into Content Explorer 2. Filter for “Only broken” 3. Set a referring domains filter for a minimum of 50...