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  1. Fear2403

    Adsense banned-PLEASE HELP

    My AdSense is banned for related to other account.Now can I use my old website on new adsense or i have to 301 redirect to new domain?Anyone faced with this issue please help.Many thanks.
  2. Fear2403

    My adsense disable.Please help

    my website have 95% organic traffic from google and i'm using adsense for 2 years without problem. My account banned for related to other disable account. What should i do now.Can i using other adsense account on my website?
  3. Fear2403

    Google Snipet get image from other site

    I got snipet for long time but recently google change image to other site.Any solution?
  4. Fear2403

    Remove photo for IG acc

    I want to delete all post of some instagram account and each acc using unique proxy.What is the best way to do this cause IG on Pc can't delete photo
  5. Fear2403

    Weird about PBN after penguin 4.0

    I have no ideas about PBN after the updated.Seem it does not pass any juice to the money site.I build about 20 new PBN and test on my two money site(easy and medium competition kw).They have very good backlink profiles(>50rd and have at least 5-10 do-follow contextual links from authority site...
  6. Fear2403

    My site got hacked

    I had no ideas why my hosting got hacked and hacker spammed it with hundred Japanese links when i search in Ranking massive drop and i received manual action in webmaster tool.Please help me fix this.
  7. Fear2403

    Do 301 redirect domain lost all power?

    When finding domain for my PBN i see a lot of powerful domain which have great link profile,but they got 301 redirect to other. I wonder that do they really lost all power or not?I think their power will comeback when they no longer redirect to other domain,but i haven't test yet.What do you...
  8. Fear2403

    Any one got hit recently?

    My & my friend's network got deindexed for many domain recently.Ranking drop down as hell.I had no idea what to to next.What about you?