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  1. r3L4x

    After posting 100 shorts in day basically 0 view?

    Hi, I wanted to ask about Youtube, or it is possible to get shadow ban? I have 5 years old channel, I did not uploaded in it, I only used it to show my platform with few videos. So about 2 - 3 weeks back I started uploading shorts. First day after 50+ videos I received message that I reach...
  2. r3L4x

    Need Help On Ad Networks

    Hi guys working from 2015 years in dating niche. Mostly mobile traffic. As you know Adsense is not allowing dating websites, so I need to find alternative earning source. I tested basically all popular ads networks. Most of them is paying cents. For my only worked out Adsterra, but in past...
  3. r3L4x

    Need HELP on android storage permissions.

    Hi all, by reading a lot of stuff I got confused. One of my apps need to read external storage as it is user generated content platform. My problem is that my app have permissions, but after I deny them app still can access phone storage. So by google policy in one place they say that app need...
  4. r3L4x

    New Google Play Policy UPDATE!

    Hello guys, I got email that Google Play updated policy again. My biggest concern is. We're updating our User Data policy to align with changes to the Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement to reflect our reliance on standard contractual clauses to transfer personal data from the...
  5. r3L4x

    Website works slow any suggestions?

    Hello guys few days I'm bumping in the wall as my website works slow. Website have 600k+ registered users, it is dating website so there is heavy load on database. Now I'm not generating heavy traffic, only 700 - 900 registrations in day. I have dedicated server in ionos. Before website who's in...
  6. r3L4x

    Another Google Play Violation of Trademark Infringement policy

    In one years I got 2 strikes on 2 apps for Violation of Trademark Infringement policy Seems people are just registering good keywords as their trademarks and trow strikes on competitors. Funniest thing that law lets register like this keywords and Google don`t care anybody can throw a strike...
  7. r3L4x

    Question about Google Play icon?

    Hello, I have one question, as I did not find any info about this. Can I have one icon in google play and other icon in app? Icons are basically same, just one have more effects. The thing is that on one of my projects I bought script and they made app for my, but if I want to change icon...
  8. r3L4x

    After updating Google Play app certificate fingerprints mismatch

    Hi, first time I have like this problem, today I wanted to update my old app with new apk file and I get this error. I understand what this is,my google play apk key is different than new one. The thing is that I`m working in this business not first years, all my keys have few copies and stored...
  9. r3L4x

    In 2020 Google Play keywords not so important? Algorithm Update?

    Hello, one of my apps 3 years old started losing rank. Tested on few tools, my keywords are in basically same rank, but my app dropped a lot in category. So I started to search for new keywords, 3 days now I'm spying on top new trending apps keywords. Note that I'm no spying old branded apps...
  10. r3L4x

    Google Play app best ranking in low tear countries why?

    Hello, I remember old times 3 - 4 years back when all my apps mostly ranked in usa. 2019 - 2020 after uploading new apps they basically all rank in lowers tear countries. Or I'm alone getting this result? Cannot understand why, I know that I can turn off that countries, but after this I will...
  11. r3L4x

    NEED HELP FROM EXPERTS! Google Play Violation of Trademark Infringement policy

    Hello guys, really need some help. Yesterday I got email that I have 7 days to change my app as I got Violation of Trademark Infringement policy... App is nearly 4 years old and it have nearly one million downloads. Example: they registered as trademark I have but I did...
  12. r3L4x

    Website not loading, sometimes it loads, sometime it is not loading...

    Hello guys I`m bumping my head to wall 3 days and I cannot find the problem... :( I have 7 servers hosted in ionos hosting. All of them works fine, except one. One of server that have 4 websites won't work. Sometimes is loads. Sometime I get white page. Google Chrome console errors: Warning...
  13. r3L4x

    What I'm doing wrong?

    Hello all, maybe someone can help my as I don`t know what to do, I have some experience in websites, as I`m workin nearly 5 years and I made lot of modifications in scripts, but this I cannot crack... So half years back I both code from envato. And few days back developer mate update and my...
  14. r3L4x

    EU approves controversial Copyright Directive, including internet ‘link tax’ and ‘upload filter’

    Hi, what you think about this?
  15. r3L4x

    Free Linkedin Connections

    With this method I made 3000+ connections in Linkedin. 1) Long In and go to "My Network". 2) Right click on anywhere and chose inspect elements, then chose console. 3) Type in this code in console: setInterval(function() { window.scrollTo(0, document.body.scrollHeight); }, 20); Last number...
  16. r3L4x

    What is best alternatives to Stripe and 2checkout?

    Hello, I have dropshipping store and my problem is that I don`t have card system payment gateway. Are there is some alternatives to use other payment system? Currently i'm using Woocommerce system.
  17. r3L4x

    How you fight with guest abandon carts?

    Hello, I have woocommerce general dropshipping store and I found out that I get hell lot of guest abandoned carts. I have abandoned cart plugin, but it is not possible to send emails if they are not typed in email... I have turned on force registration option, nothing helps. I'm thinking on...
  18. r3L4x

    Got email warning of lawsuit, for sharing content in instagram.

    Hello, guys today I got email from some person that I shared her photo on my instagram. I don't want to steal anything it is just bot working and sharing all stuff from all people in instagram. Thing is that my instagram bot have some persons image and my website links, so they don`t know or...
  19. r3L4x

    [IMPORTANT] Forget The GDPR, The EU's New Copyright Proposal Will Be A Complete And Utter Disaster PLEASE SIGN PETITION:
  20. r3L4x

    Prepare! Lot of crypto will gonna go down.

    Prepare for another crypto drop. I'm mobile developer and I need to follow Google Play policy. So today they made new policy update... Hello Google Play Developer, We're writing to let you know about a recent update to our Developer Policy Center. We make updates from time to time as part of a...