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  1. Jeanie Anderson

    Updated web 2.0 list May 2020

    Nice share but language problem.
  2. Jeanie Anderson

    Guest Post for Web Hosting Niche

    Yes, marketplace section will help you with this. Go and check it out.
  3. Jeanie Anderson

    Best Free Keyword research Tool | Alternative to Google Keyword Planner

    I also suggest SEMrush. It will give you the results that you are looking for.
  4. Jeanie Anderson


    Its a gem. Thanks for the share:)
  5. Jeanie Anderson

    Do you think spam score matter in seo?

    Yes truly agree because it defines the quality of website. So, spam score does matter in SEO.
  6. Jeanie Anderson

    DIVI vs Elementor - Which one you prefer.?

    Elementor Pro- all time favourite:)
  7. Jeanie Anderson

    400+ Profile Backlink Sites

    Thanks for the share
  8. Jeanie Anderson

    Is Tumblr still worth in 2019 ?

    Yeah, agree
  9. Jeanie Anderson

    Best Link Indexing Service (2020)?

    Yeah, I also Speed Link.
  10. Jeanie Anderson

    Joomla or Wordpress ? help me

    No doubt, you should go with Wordpress.
  11. Jeanie Anderson

    how effective is tumblr 2019?

    Yes, in the past years, tumblr is a good source for getting traffic.
  12. Jeanie Anderson

    How do I know if my tumblr blog is indexed by google?

    Yeah, right. Connect your blog with Google webmaster. It will help.
  13. Jeanie Anderson

    Where to buy great guest posts?

    Yes, go to the BHW Marketplace section
  14. Jeanie Anderson

    blogger alternatives?

    Go with wordpress.
  15. Jeanie Anderson

    Copyscape Vs Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Which is Best?

    Grammarly is good for spelling and grammer mistakes and copyscape is for duplicacy.
  16. Jeanie Anderson

    700+ Sites That Accept Guest Posts

    thankyou for this amazing help. Nice work, keep sharing:)
  17. Jeanie Anderson


    Yeah right.
  18. Jeanie Anderson

    Which Parasites are currently working?

    Yes, its a good start. These will definitely help.