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  1. crissdinesh

    Vaccinated Wristband

    How cool it is. The wristband for those who get vaccinated. I think in future, making payments can be done using same band. I have seen fitness band which could be linked with your Bank account for earning points for walk and convert points to money or rewards.
  2. crissdinesh

    Blackhatworld site access issue. Only me or everyone?

    Hi BHW, I'm noticing trouble in accessing your site. With or without VPN, I see this issue often. Sometimes it takes much longer time to load a page. Check the below error: If admins already know this issue, please ignore.
  3. crissdinesh

    Couple Separated by Travel Ban - Duck you Covid-19

    Me and my partner are separated by travel ban for more than a year. When will life get back to normal? I've registered myself to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Is someone sailing on the same boat? I just wanted to share the pain. So, I created this post.
  4. crissdinesh

    Lazyloding images hosted on CDN is a good or bad idea?

    Hi BHW, I’m thinking about lazy loading the images hosted on a CDN? Is it a good idea or not? Will this combination works well? Looking for a piece of advice.
  5. crissdinesh

    Can someone explain whether Cloudflare automatically blocks threats?

    Hi All, I just set up Cloudflare CDN 3 days ago. In the analytics tab, I see something called Attacks blocked. I didn't set any Firefall rules which is why I'm surprised to see these stats for the domain. Could someone explain this? I do see that fake or bot traffic is greatly reduced on my...
  6. crissdinesh

    What is your thought on Lazy load or delay of Adsense?

    Hi All, Is it a good choice to lazy load adsense? I got two ways to do. 1. Lazy Loading ads and the ads will be seen only when user scroll the page. 2. Delay ads for 3-4 secs. I’m able to achieve 90 and 99 above score in mobile and desktop respectively in speed test by Google by satisfying...
  7. crissdinesh

    Full or Flexibile SSL from Cloudflare for Blogger site?

    Hello BHW, Recently I added Cloudflare to one of my blogger custom domains. The settings are given below: On blogger: On Cloudflare: Chrome browser ssl check I see no issues with my site at this moment. The http, https, www and non-www versions are correctly pointing to preferred...
  8. crissdinesh

    Will Lazy Loading of Images affect SEO?

    Hello SEOs, I’m using lazy load for images. It indexes the featured image in Google images. I do not see all the images of an article in index. Is this normal or a problem because of using Lazy load? Thanks.
  9. crissdinesh

    Question about oldest language - Featured Snippets ERROR or Mistake in Google Search

    Hello BHW, I just searched for a question: What is the oldest language in the world? Ok. What is the oldest language in India? The Tamil language is from India and it is the oldest language in the world but in India, it is not the oldest. It's irony. How smart Google is!
  10. crissdinesh

    Any Microsoft Security Breach Happened Today?

    Hi BHW, I couldn't access my Microsoft account. I couldn't even try to create a new Microsoft account from another computer (different IP) in incognito mode also. It says service is temporarily unavailable. Earlier, I received an email to recovery email address stating "We detected something...
  11. crissdinesh

    At last Joaquin Phoenix won the Oscar

    Before: Then: And then:
  12. crissdinesh

    Is Google going towards a broken path?

    I had respect for Google since I stepped into blogging from 2012. In today's trend, Google is releasing updates often to shake the serps. Shaking is good ;) but, it comes with bugs like indexing issue. When we ask this in Google's webmaster forum, they reply that there is no bugs and it is how...
  13. crissdinesh

    Google Search News Jan 2020: Breadcrumbs, BERT & GSC

    Hi Webmasters, No expressions in Muller's face. However, I think the content in this video is essential for newbie bloggers. Check this out:
  14. crissdinesh

    Breadcrumbs issue: schema deprecated

    Hello BHW, Today, I received an email from search console about breadcrumbs issue. I think most of the webmasters should have received this email today. If your site has breadcrumbs enabled with, it's time to replace it with It seems that the SEO plugin or the...
  15. crissdinesh

    People who concern about Disavowing Spam links should know this

    Hey BHW folks, Every time when a new Google update is released, the webmasters who lost their kw positions may look into disavowing spam links. They audit the backlinks in search console and collect spam links weekly for adding them to disavow file. No website can escape from spam links...
  16. crissdinesh

    Favicon on Web Version Google Search Results

    Hello BHW! Before Google, the DuckDuckGo & Yandex search engines had started to show favicon on search results. Then Google is also doing the same. Previously, it was for mobile version and now they rolled out for web version in this January 2020 core update. Next, is emoji's in URL (in...
  17. crissdinesh

    DuckDuckGo will be the Default search engine on Android in EU

    Hello Bloggers, DuckDuckGo will soon be offered as an option for default search engine on Android devices across the EU. Source: Will this affect AdSense publishers? Because I...
  18. crissdinesh

    Top 9 Blog Niches for 2020 [Income School]

    Hello bloggers, Here's the list of Niche blog ideas for 2020 by Income School. Make use of it: 1. Cosplay 2. Off-roading 3. Scuba 4. Grant writing 5. Roof rack tent camping 6. Smoking meat 7. Portable solar power 8. 3D printer 9. Test prep sites Thanks.
  19. crissdinesh

    AdSense - Enabled for Blogger Custom Domain; Not for WP site

    Hello BHW, My custom domain blogger has AdSense which is earning less $. It's around 1.2$ per day. The site is 1 year old. I know that blogger's SEO is poor in nature due to the lack of many advanced features. So, I started a WordPress site but AdSense is not approving it (twice). The weird...
  20. crissdinesh

    Amazon Affiliate Niche Site Question

    Hi, Bros. I started a new tech site with only 4 articles. I already have another tech site with good traffic on the blogger platform (custom domain) with AdSense. Now, I want to convert my new tech site to tech-related Amazon affiliate niche site (Indian Amazon Associate). I signed up for the...