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  1. sukataetumba

    Need a Gravity Forms expert

    I'm looking to copy a form with calculations from a site or fix my current one. Think of it like pulling prices off a table. Conditional pricing based on brackets. I have a form that works similar but not quite. For example: Bracket A: 1-5 price $1 Bracket B: 6-10 price $2 if the customer...
  2. sukataetumba

    Scammed by Kingjones1994

    In all my years here in BHW, I've never been scammed but I guess there is a first time for everything. User Kingjones1994 (Skype: swaggdaddytv) paid initial deposit but still owes the balance for the website completed. I wouldn't be surprised if he disputes the initial deposit on his card...
  3. sukataetumba

    Getting WP Auction Software to work

    has anyone else used this plugin called wpauctionsoftware? have you gotten it to work properly on your root directory? here is what basically happens: When you list an auction you have to pay for it. After paypal payment there is a link to go back to my site which takes to the thank you...
  4. sukataetumba

    Evil is Back - Diablo III Launching May 15 – Digital Pre-Sales NOW OPEN

    Finally after a very long time. More info on See you guys in Tristram.
  5. sukataetumba

    Can't find your TV Shows?

    It isn't the end of the scene. If you need tv shows - there is always if you don't like emule choose the torrent files. Download the content of the torrents directly from your browser using torrific. The uploads aren't updated as fast as IceFilms but its another way of getting...
  6. sukataetumba

    Diablo 3 BETA

    Anyone been able to get their hands on the Beta? Or have a source for beta keys? This game will be the best game Blizzard ever released.
  7. sukataetumba

    Hulk Hogans Micro Championship Wrestling

    Wrestling fans, if you want something new to watch, this is the show.
  8. sukataetumba

    FREE Keyword Research Method

    Below is a damn easy way to find good keywords: 1. Go to 2. Enter your domain 3. Enter your keyword 4. Look for keywords with an SEO Opportunity of "Good", "Very Good" or "Excellent" 5. Keep adding keywords and come up with a list of keywords After 5 easy steps, you now have a...
  9. sukataetumba

    ***FREE*** 100% Copyscape Passed Unique Articles

    If you are here then you probably want a unique article. I will be giving 100% Copyscape Passed Unique Articles for some people. Strictly 1 Article Per User No Adult / Porn / Gay shit English Only It is your job to insert your keyword/s and /or URLs after I send you the article. Message me...
  10. sukataetumba

    FREE Niche Related Backlinks

    I am currently testing an automated niche related backlinks system. That being said, this is not for everyone. I am only looking for serious people who want to test it out. The system scrapes Google much like scrapebox does. It can use decaptcher but the balance melts like butter so instead...
  11. sukataetumba

    How To Use Any Trial Software Forever

    This may have been shared before or not but I have been using this method to test fully functional trial programs before I decide on buying it. I am not promoting piracy in any way. If you feel that a program is useful, you must give credit to the author and buy it. Method: - What tools /...