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  1. Arditkallaba

    Looking for swedish/norwegian/danish blacklinks

    Looking for swedish backlinks / pbns. Not looking for GSA spam. Please send details of samples and price per link, and your content price. Thanks!
  2. Arditkallaba

    Scandinavian followers

    Hi, need scandinavian Instagram/Facebook followers and need them in bulk. If you have, please send samples of your followers on my PM. And price per 1.000. Sweden/Norway/Denmark. Thanks!
  3. Arditkallaba

    (Duplicated site) What can you do?

    Hi! Had a problem with an translating app, and asked for support - they meant Ive written my hreflangs wrong and went in my shopify store and changed my domains. didnt think of it for two days, noticed what they did - and quickly changed it back. My store had: (main) (italian)...
  4. Arditkallaba

    Need scandinavian backlinks!

    Hi, I need contextual & good backlinks from countries like Sweden and Norway, if you can help me with that great. Please send sample and price. :) Thanks!
  5. Arditkallaba

    GEO-targeting foreign google

    Hi, I wonder, I have a gaming niche that I want to attack in Sweden & Denmark. These countries have their own language. But, within this gaming niche their keywords are in english, with much lower search volume than same kw in us. These niches have insane difficulty in US google, so Semrush...
  6. Arditkallaba

    (SEO BLOGGING) Multilingual SEO

    Hi, So Im expanding my sites to other languages. Think like, .de and .it (germany and italy). While my main site is .de for an example, I also have a addon domain for the SAME site on .it. (German) (Italy) Ive tried to Google a little, but im wondering how do you manage...
  7. Arditkallaba

    Need Python/PHP automation for website

    Hi! Im in need of a developer who can provide me with a "script" that collects information from a site, and puts it on another site. Please PM for more details, or your price range. Thanks! :)
  8. Arditkallaba

    Targeting a specific country with hreflang

    Cant seem to find any information on this, so its probably not possible. Figured I should ask anyway, if someone is wondering on the same thing. But could I say, target Germany (Google) with english content, by using de-en or de-US on my hreflang? (Im using a subdomain "en".) If not, how would...
  9. Arditkallaba

    Popcorn time, how do they monetize and how would you?

    Hi guys,(didnt know where section to post this thread) I was just wondering - you have probably heard about Popcorn time? Has a wider range of movies and tv shows than netflix, and is VERY friendly. They have loooaaads of traffic everyday, and I cant seem to understand how do they monetize all...
  10. Arditkallaba

    TOS and Privacy

    Need someone to write this for me.. Instructions will be given. MUST be native american! Easy job.. doesnt take long, pm me your skype if ur up for the job :)
  11. Arditkallaba

    Paypal unlimited account/easy job

    Hi.. I need an external paypal account with no limitiation. The deal is I get the paypal, I can withdraw money. Everytime I withdraw, you get 10%. I will probably bank hard sometimes, so easy extra money. If you have anything like this, send me an pm with your skype for a quick chat. Thanks
  12. Arditkallaba

    Where do you download torrents?

    Hi guys.. Where do you download torrents? As piratebay is down, I actually dont know where to download torrents.. All sites are just NOT organized.. Please tell me where you download torrents, and if you did it before piratebay was down!
  13. Arditkallaba

    My site in danger because of domain?

    Hi! So.. I got a site which name is ****** and im selling likes and followers.. Is my site in danger because of "instagram" in my domain? I mean facebook can maybe fuck me over if I rank highly? I used Instagram so Google will notice me and my domain in search.. tnx for reply
  14. Arditkallaba

    Playing with top players, earning $$ on the way

    Hi! If you've seen me posting on SEO threads, or hiring coding people to do the jobs I've been describes, you can add 1+1 and find out my niche. Whatever, I've now got an really good and apealing site with few flaws - and a "shop" that target millions of people in the month. It's a very...
  15. Arditkallaba

    [script] easy job - php/python!

    Hi! I would like someone to connect my site with API key on a panel! The job; Client comes to site Clicks on plan Writes username and email Redirected to paypal After paypal confirmed (mail sent to me to payment succeed) Script sends information from package and username to the panel Success...
  16. Arditkallaba

    GSA SER + Secondary links

    HI.. I've been looking after tutorials on how to make secondary links in a tier project.. And I cant find any good or understandable tutorial which I only find on how to make tier links, and I already know that, but can...
  17. Arditkallaba

    Domain authority sales

    Hi! Where do you guys buy your domains with authority? Expired domains? On godaddy sale or another place? Thanks
  18. Arditkallaba

    SEO - working on my site

    Hi, i'm interested in getting with a SEO seller who sells packages to get firm and steady rankings in google. My niche is black hat and I want it blackhat way, my site is for churn and burn. My site is ready, just need some articles. What I want; 1. I have my keywords, but I do have...
  19. Arditkallaba

    Small script

    Basically, you are going to connect my site to another site who does have a panel to send "orders" automatically. pm your skype
  20. Arditkallaba

    twitter bot

    Hi! I need an twitter bot, and im willing to pay $$$. Features; * Makes a lot of accounts * Can follow a specific user or like his picutres * And can connect through a site I know there is already a bot that people uses at fiverr which you can pay 1 dollar for 500 followers/likes then resell...