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  1. sciita

    Need 5 Fiverr Reviews

    I need 5 5-star reviews (any country will do except - no offense whatsoever - Asian counties) I will pay -> Gigs fee + $5 + $2.5 For US accounts I will pay -> Gigs fee + $7 + $2.5 Payment method - Paypal. My 2 reasonable requirements. Your account must be 1+ years old. You must have made...
  2. sciita

    Need Another 5 Fiverr Reviews From US Based Accounts - $12 for a min work!

    Need Another 5 Fiverr Reviews From US Based Accounts - $12 for a min work! Don't PM me just to say I can give you 100 reviews. I don't care for such services. I need real, active accounts. You just need to place the order - I will even provide you with reviews. Simple copy & paste after 12-16...
  3. sciita

    I need 5 Fiverr Reviews

    I need 5 - 5star reviews on someone's gig. I will pay you the cost of someone's gig + processing fee + $5 for your 1-min work. I need these reviews from 5 accounts with at least 1-year activity. You will need to search for this gig, purchase the gig and paste the review I'll send you. Thanks!
  4. sciita

    Need 5 5-Star Reviews From US Based Fiverr Accounts

    Need 5 X 5-Star reviews from US-based Fiverr accounts. Not from one account - 5 different accounts and your account must be 1-year old. $5 (gig fee) + $2 (service) + $3 (for your review) = $10 per review. I'll pay via Paypal. Don't ask for more. If you think it's not worth your time, please...
  5. sciita

    Need 5 Unique Fiverr Reviews From Verified Accounts

    I need 5 unique reviews probably from 5 verified, old Fiverr accounts. I will pay you $5 (fee of my service) + $7 for your efforts (which includes service charge). Don't contact me with a higher budget, I don't need your reviews!
  6. sciita

    WTB Fiverr Reviews

    I need around 10 reviews from old, accounts with some activity. PM me the price and TAT.
  7. sciita

    Ahrefs Free Export ( Keywords or comp* backlink report )

    You read the title. Also many will comment something like "You guys love giving away your keywords and niches for freebies lol". Well, I have to consume my ahrefs subscription quota. I thought why not help the community. Also, I think I can provide export to 10 members. Please don't PM me...
  8. sciita

    Need Help In Managing Clients and Agreements - Please

    Hi, A few weeks back I built a plugin and it's having good sales on codecanyon. Thanks to this plugin many peoples, especially the Hosting companies are interested in working with me. Most of them want me to develop extensions -- only for their company. NOW THE Problem. Two companies...
  9. sciita

    How do I index files on Goolge

    I want to rank a keyword and it seems the top competitor is having backlinks from almost 6 doc sharing sites including Now my other 5 doc files are indexed but how do I index this file. I never use any spun content, everything is unique 600+ words. Any info...
  10. sciita

    How do I manage 60+ Web2.0 Properties? Please help

    Do you know of any tool, service, platform which allows you to manage multiple "different domain" web2.0 properties. This platform should allow me to write and submit new contents. It should also allow me to manage the design. Thanks.
  11. sciita

    How do you determine that your backlinks are indexed or not?

    How do you determine that your backlinks are indexed or not? I have a new website. My site was created on 11th Jan. Have 2 articles on it. My domain is something like I wasn't able to get the desired domain so I choose .co ( I read various article and also saw video by...