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  1. Soayame

    Botting watch time on an small channel

    So I have a channel that is close to 1k subs but I need more watch time. The channel has a good amount of videos already that is mainly stock footage with voice over. What can I do to get the watch time?
  2. Soayame

    I Miss You Vidnami

    For days ive been looking for a good replacement but nothing comes close to vidnami for what i was doing. Invideo AI is hella dumb and its limited to 50 scenes. Every other one AI is hella stupid and or is limited to a certain amount of length. Have you guys found any replacement? Like Good AI...
  3. Soayame

    YouTube views

    Hello do u think that boosted views help your view? Say you upload a view then put it unlisted....wait for views to finish being boosted then u just set it to public do u think it would help the video at all?
  4. Soayame

    Copyright such a gray area topic on Youtube

    Is it okay to make a channel for upcoming futuristic gadgets and use the videos from the company site and then you give education value by talking bout what the gadget is and how it could be useful. Would that cuz issues for a channel monetizing wise? This would fall under fair use rights since...
  5. Soayame

    Music channel on youtube?

    If I have a contract stating I have the license to use the music on youtube would I get demonetize? I'm working on meditation channel. Some of the music will be original or saying I have the rights to use it. I'm curious if I will get hit with "reused content " I keep hearing bout
  6. Soayame

    How hard would it be to make 500usd a month on YouTube?

    And how long would it take on average? I'm thinking bout starting a new channel and I'm curious if I could reach that in 6 to 12 months?
  7. Soayame

    Are those huge motivational youtube channels getting monetize?

    Every motivational channel I've seen has atleast 2mil subs. These videos are just mash ups and famous speakers some royalty free music and some stock videos. My question is are they actually getting paid per video? Like would that be a copyright strike becasue of the famous speaker?
  8. Soayame

    About Xvideos

    I'm noticing that xvideo only allow a certain amount of videos uploaded per day. Do anyone know the number until it say "you've uploaded too many videos today" Thanks
  9. Soayame

    WTB Fiverr reviews

    Hello everyone, Im looking to buy some fiverr reviews. For now Im just looking to buy about 10-15 reviews for now to get my sales to boost. I can only used verify Paypal account. 6.50 per review I will pay you after the review let me know if interested please. Thanks!
  10. Soayame

    Getting a LLC for Ebay/Paypal

    Exactly how does this work for stealth accounts? I live in Maryland but I hear using Wyoming could be a cheap option. How do I set up a LLC? Do I need a LLC for each stealth account?
  11. Soayame

    Question About Ebay

    Ebay was my way to my first way online. I lost my account a year ago thanks to refunds. I didnt know it effected you in a negative way. Fast Forward a year later.... I bought a new account. Im just trying to figure something out. The account is live and its no problems so far. BOA accounts work...
  12. Soayame

    Why is BIng Ads

    Why is Bing Ads say Eligible yet im not getting any impressions or anything?
  13. Soayame

    Do u think yahoo answers worth the hassle for sales now a days?

    I am just wondering if any of you guys are using Yahoo answers for traffic for sales now a days? I actually enjoy answering questions on there. I could literally do it all day. So I have 1 account at lvl 2 and im aiming to get it to level 3 to post some links. I hear they ban like crazy. I just...
  14. Soayame

    I want to leave USA for about 3 -6 months

    Sadly the love of my life died 2 days ago to lung cancer. Im beyond fucked up in the head but now that she is gone.....I dont want to hold back anymore. I want to live my life. Im making about 60k a year right now doing mundane work and im sick of it. Ive seen 95% of the USA now I want go...
  15. Soayame

    Scrapebox questions

    I have this software and I rarely use it.I have a couple of questions that I hope you guys can answer. 1. Can this software scrape urls by dates? An example only scrape from pages that posted this keyword 24 hours ago? 2. Can you use it to post on say new sites. Like an example blogs just ask...
  16. Soayame

    Clickbank 1500/mo Journey

    I have been following meathead1234 tutorial and it works. So far in about 4 days of me making a website and following the thread which is here... I decided to take action. So far I had about 700+ visitors to my site in about 1 week after making it. Im not gonna explain in detail of what im...
  17. Soayame

    Follow Me As I Make $100/ Day Following Meathead Thread on CB/SEO

    I have been out of the game for about 1 year. I've been focusing on my network marketing business. Dont worry Im not here to recruit anymore or even talk about it. I decided to come back to IM as I have more free time as I dont work a 9-5 anymore. This journal will consist on me following...
  18. Soayame

    Is yt + cpa dead?

    Ive been gone for about a year now because my friend wanted me to do Network Marketing with him. Lets just say its not my cup of tea. Its pretty cool but I dont really care for dealing with people so Im back on the grind of IM. Before I left I was making some good money with CPA+ Youtube with...
  19. Soayame

    Any Software that has youtube keyword research?

    I've been looking low and high for a good youtube keyword tool. I already know about youtube keyword tool it sucks ass. I already know about Healzer YTR. Its okay but its not what im looking for. Video Marketing Blaster used to work for showing data for youtube niches... now it doesnt work. Is...
  20. Soayame

    Path to Pay for College

    Some of you might remember me from maybe 1 or 2 years ago when I made a journey and I was making about $50-$100 a day off fiverr and ebay. It was easy and sweet but eventually they both fell and I got distracted with my job promising a promotion. Well it backfired, they want me to wait 6 months...