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    Is there Skype Working fine?

    I tried to log in to Skype, But it's not working properly. The Internet is working well here. Is anybody facing the same issue?
  2. We Bring Rank

    Wish you a Happy New Year ⚡ Welcome 2022

    We're all facing so many twists and turns in this year, I believe the Coming year will give more happiness, Wealth, and Good health to all. Wish you a very happy New year for all my fellow BHW members & MOD.
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    Login Issue Occurred for Godaddy

    I try to log in to my Godaddy account last few hours, It still not working. Anybody facing the same issue?
  4. We Bring Rank

    Heartly Welcome 2020

    I wish you a happy New Year for every fellow BHW members & MOD, Yes, I was really much happy for this 2019, Had to my Business on the next level, I started a new firm, Marriage & Great peaceful life I realized its a wonderful year for me. I hope this 2020 will surprise me more & I belief for...
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    Difficult to fight with Technology

    I shocked to hear this news, More than 1.3 Million Indian Credit & debit card details Hacked. Not only Indians. American, South Korean Cardholders Details also hacked on previous days.
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    Google Dance

    What you guys are thinking about Google Dance?
  7. We Bring Rank

    Fresh Thoughts... Fresh Day... Fresh Month... Wonderful Beginning...

    Every New Moment gives some Surprises and Positive Vibes :);)
  8. We Bring Rank

    Spreading for the love and happiness in this new year.

    Wish you a happy new year for all :) Let us start the celebration :)
  9. We Bring Rank

    Special Day for "We Bring Rank"

    Really i'm very much pleased to see the today's date in my Calendar, Successfully completed 2 years in Black hat world, Much excited to enter next year. Many of the BHW members help for this journey, Especially @soccerlover guide me lot. Then I'm much thanks this MOD for help me to running...
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    Keep Moving on the Positive way

    Don't try to break the rules, Create some new Rules, Then old once are easily broken. Don't focus on negative ways.
  11. We Bring Rank

    Funny things always help to laugh heartily

    If you get the chance to slap some one of your BHW Friend, Whom you'll choose ? :p Mention the person here, :p Then what is the reason for that ? :D:D:D
  12. We Bring Rank

    First transaction experience with Payoneer

    Compare to the PayPal, The Payoneer transaction fees are less & provide the fast transaction too, Just i received my $$$ first transaction in Payoneer, Experience was really awesome, What you Guys are thought about Payoneer?
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    Quotes of the day

    Everything is valuable, Until reach the expiry date :)
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    Happy New Year Folks

    Wish you a happy new year for all of my IM Buddies :-)
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    Canonical is only for Find out duplicate ?

    Hi BHW Family, I have one question regarding canonical, its only to prevent the duplicate content and URL. Its just to intimate the search engines for redirection .. Is anyother SEO benefit ?
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    Google’s Possum update

    Today Update : Columnist Joy Hawkins shares data and insights from a study she did with BrightLocal, which compared local results before and after the update.
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    SEO Tools 2016-17

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