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  1. ZarofimX

    European GDPR law

    Hello, Community! So i am planning to start a website selling a digital product, but i have came across this "European GDPR law" Which means that my sales must be regulated if i sell to European folks. I am currently living in Europa. Do i have to contact someone to allow me to sell this digital...
  2. ZarofimX

    Looking for mobile proxy for tiktok

    Hello, so yeah like the title says, i am looking for 4g mobile proxy for tiktok. I only need 1. Please do not contact me for bulk orders. I only need 1. Thanks!
  3. ZarofimX

    Tiktok 4g proxy

    Hello, i am interested in 4g proxies for tiktok. I need only 1. Please contact me if you can offer me only 1 static proxy. Thanks!
  4. ZarofimX

    NFT promotion collab

    Hey there, Community! I am looking for someone with experienced social media marketing (especially Twitter) for my nft project. Looking to do some business together in long term. PM me only serious people.
  5. ZarofimX

    Python developer

    Hey there community! Need someone to create for me a python bot. Message me for more details.
  6. ZarofimX

    Software improvment

    Hello there! I have a software which needs improvment. It is an automated bot made by python. If someone has experience, pm me so we can discuss it.
  7. ZarofimX

    Looking for digital designer for nft project

    Hello, i am looking for someone to create some masterpiece art for me. You must have skills to do animated character with atleast 100 traits. PM me for budjet and overall info. Thanks.
  8. ZarofimX

    YT viewed dropping

    Hello community! Im kinda new to this youtube algorithm so i wanted to ask you something... so recently i uploaded a video and i got like 16k views (all natural, didn't used smm panel or something) and then after few hours, views started dropping alot, and right now they keep dropping.. what...
  9. ZarofimX

    Cpa website backlinks

    Hello community, may i ask a question about backlink parasites on cpa website. So my question is, if i buy 100k parasites will the cpa website get flagged by google? Or will it rank at all? Thanks in advance.
  10. ZarofimX

    Looking for a specialist

    Hello Community! I am looking for someone that is experienced in java, python or any other programming code... Looking for someone very professional as the task is very complicated. Send me a pm and i will discuss it more.
  11. ZarofimX

    YT Video Shadowban

    Is there a way to remove a shadowban from a video on a channel? I don't see my video anywhere...
  12. ZarofimX

    WP Paying plugin

    Can anyone tell me if there is any wp plugin that i can put on my website for accepting payments with credit/debit cards? Except stripe,skrill, paypal..?
  13. ZarofimX

    Looking for a coder

    I am looking for someone who understands DAML language and can compile scripts with it.
  14. ZarofimX

    Need a writer for adult

    Like the title says, anyone interested? Only hand-written articles, no scrapes and expired articles please.
  15. ZarofimX

    Looking for coder

    Hello community! As the title says. I am looking for a coder with experience on scala and other languages. Please only serious people contact me. Thanks!
  16. ZarofimX

    CB accounts

    Need someone to create for me 30 CB accounts. PM me for further details.
  17. ZarofimX

    Need 3 fiverr reviews right now!

    Hello community! So... i need like 3 fiverr reviews urgently, instantly if possible, because i haven't got much time left. Please if someone can provide me, pm me asap! Also accounts must be legit, like from different countries, different payment method on each account ( different paypals, not...
  18. ZarofimX

    Fiverr Test

    Hello, does someone has the fiverr html5 test answers? Thanks in advance.
  19. ZarofimX

    Can't upload video

    Hey guys! So 5 days ago i uploaded a cpa gaming niche video on 12 years old yt acc, but it got removed... I tried to upload it on another aged acc which is 10 years old, and this time i can't even upload it! It just stucks on 95 % and then it says, "Video cannot be uploded, violating terms and...
  20. ZarofimX

    Programmer needed

    I need someone who has skills in Python or javascript. PM me for more details.