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  1. cryptopsy

    What to tell Ebay to Increase Selling Limits?

    I asked ebay to increase my selling limits and they sent me these questions: 1.Who managed thе items уоu listed іn eBay? 2.Do уоu order thеѕе item bеfоrе making thе listings? 3.Do уоu check уоur items bеfоrе listing? 4.What shipping service dо уоu intend tо use...
  2. cryptopsy

    (BUYING) Aged Youtube Account

    Looking for accounts that are at least 1 month old. They do not have to be "authority" accounts just aged ones which had previous history of natural activity, have never been spammed with in terms of both videos or comments, and must have 0 strikes.
  3. cryptopsy

    (Urgent) Need someone to call Ebay for me

    Looking for someone who can call ebay for me. I got a standard account restriction (MC999) on one of my new US stealth accounts because I listed items too quickly and they need me to call them within 48 hours. They will basically just ask general questions like what items are you selling...
  4. cryptopsy

    How to Redirect Mobile Traffic?

    I'm promoting some web offers and blanking the traffic source. I noticed that I'm also receiving a significant amount of mobile traffic and I want to redirect this traffic to a mobile offer. The setup would be like this: visitor -> check if user is on pc or mobile, if on pc then -> Double meta...
  5. cryptopsy

    How to Manage Multiple Accounts?

    Hey guys, I'm just wondering if there is some tool or utility that can manage accounts on a certain website. Say for example I have multiple accounts on addmefast. Instead of logging in on the accounts one by one, I want those accounts to be listed all at once displaying their corresponding...
  6. cryptopsy

    How to do this right?

    Ok so I have some legit game keys that I want to content lock. Basically, what I want to happen is this: landing page --> visitor chooses what game he wants --> completes a survey --> gets a key My problem is how do I properly send the key to the visitor who completes a survey? I want to make...
  7. cryptopsy

    Is this allowed on CPA?

    Hey guys, I recently got started in CPA and I just want to ask some questions to some experienced members. So I have a lot of steam/origin game keys and I'm planning to build a freebie site wherein I will give these keys for free and lock them with CPA surveys. My question is: do CPA networks...
  8. cryptopsy

    How to load urls from txt file on Imacros?

    Hey guys, sorry if I posted this in the wrong section. Can anyone please tell me how to load urls from a txt file on imacros and visit them one by one with random "wait seconds" from 50-60?:stoned: Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.:dance: