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  1. kraski44

    Where to buy Dubai phone number?

    I need a dubai phone number that can receive SMS for verification. Who provides such service? Can i buy sim card and you ship it to Europe? I need it for few months but i dont want to fly to dubai to buy it personally. P.S. Skype and Vyke dont have Emirates in the list. Maybe other apps provide...
  2. kraski44

    Promote Android App Zlive

    I am looking for someone who can do professional promos of the new Android apps Our app is Zlive, I can do full tracking on installs and signups. I only need REAL users from sports betting niche and related sites, not interested in bot installs etc. I can pay up to $3 per signup from real...
  3. kraski44

    Get up to $653 per sale. Proof:

    Hi guys! Are you tired of mere $20 commissions? Now you can get up to $653 per sale. Let the numbers speak for themselves. Here is a honest screenshot of the clickbank marketplace, you can search by zcodesys to verify We offer recurring commissions, it means that you get paid month...
  4. kraski44

    Looking for audible book reviews

    Let me know.. Looking for audible book reviews. 5=10 reviews
  5. kraski44

    Sports Betting traffic

    What are the best sources of the sports betting traffic so far guys? Let me know!
  6. kraski44

    Does traffic arbitrage still work?

    I saw the idea of installing adsense and giving people memberships/product in return for a click.. Basically buying traffic in one place cheaper and hoping people will click in return for getting a product. It might be against tos, but does it still work in 2018 ?
  7. kraski44

    Buying views pros and cons?

    I see many people buy views on youtube.. Quick questions 1. What is a fair market price for 1000 views right now? I see people offering it for 7 usd, some 29 usd, not sure? 2. What are proven services selling views? 3. Do they hurt the rankings or not? 4. Is there specific rate of likes vs...
  8. kraski44

    Proper relation between views/likes/dislikes?

    Hi guys What should be a proper relation between views/likes/dislikes? Do you think compilation videos get it?