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  1. silentwandererr

    Would you put your Blackhat projects on your Resume?

    or is it too risky?
  2. silentwandererr

    [JV] My Unlimited Twitter API Keys + Your Twitter poromtion ideas

    I have an unlimited amount of Twitter API Keys, i.e I can authorize a large amount of Twitter bots and program them to Tweet, DM, likes, etc.. Need someone with an idea of how to use this for marketing or other ways of monetizing it.
  3. silentwandererr

    Most Profitable Coin to Mine?

    What are the best cryptocurrency to mine in 2020?
  4. silentwandererr

    Buying mixed-language domain name

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we used to be able to buy domain names with both english and cyrillic letters? for example: goо (the second o is cyrillic) I tried both godaddy and namecheap, they only allow all-english or all-cyrillic letters. Is there any domain name registrar that...
  5. silentwandererr

    Tips for gettings accpeted for Skrill Merchant Account?

    I had a running functional website but still got rejected.
  6. silentwandererr

    Online Payment Processor for non-US/non-EU businesses? (Stripe alternative)

    Is there any Online Payment Processor (specifically one that accepts credit card payments) that operates outside the US/EU? Of course, the less verification the better. I want to know if I can accept Credit Card payments without registering a company.
  7. silentwandererr

    Is browser-mining still profitable?

    Has anyone tried javascript mining? I heard it's possbile to mine XMR using clients' CPU with javascript
  8. silentwandererr

    Method for requesting takedown of article?

    The article effects my website negatively and ranks high on Google
  9. silentwandererr

    Twitter Api friendships/create Limits

    According to Twitter's developers documentation, the limit for friendships/create endpoint is 1000 per app per 24 hours. Yet I am getting a 161 Error Code: "You are unable to follow more people at this time" after 400 requests. So I believe I am hitting a smaller rolling limit. Does anyone know...