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  1. jeff1985

    Seeking to Hire Experienced Affiliate Marketing Manager

    We currently run a Business Company and we just need some help with affiliate marketing. You should know how to set up an affiliate marketing campaign based on CPS or CPA model. The target niche will be women clothing and women shoes.. You should have the following skills with such platforms...
  2. jeff1985

    Seeking a wordpress plugin that automatically make posts look like recipe cards

    we currently used Yummomatic plugin that automatically post recipe posts to our website. We are seeking a programmer who can make the post automatically show up like a recipe card. Since these post is done automatically we having issues having it show up in recipe card style like the below...
  3. jeff1985

    Funding for US based Content websites for purchasing Native Ads

    I was wondering if there are any companies outside of traditional banks that gives funding for content site owners to use to purchase advertising on large scale... any suggestions?
  4. jeff1985

    Looking for MT4 Programmer to rewrite a lock source code of Expert Advisor to place trades

    i have and indicator and ea but it doesnt place trades only give alerts on looking for someone to edit a source code which is locked so the ea can place trades with stop loss and take profits....u must know how to edit source codes
  5. jeff1985

    Need a programmer to edit Expert Advisor MT4 plugin to place a trade

    I am searching for experience mt4 expert advisor level programmer to edit an existing Expert Advisor.. meaning that i would need them to place a buy or sell when the signal is alerted.... the new version should place the buy or sell signal when generated and have it when we can edit the...
  6. jeff1985

    Have anyone tried the Velocity Finder Neural Trade from we talk trade

    they are selling this product for forex trading at 2200 and im wondering has anyone tried this product for forex trading
  7. jeff1985

    Looking for Forex auto trader expert

    we are seeking a forex trading expert on auto trading...we looking to hired a freelancer to customize one of the current trading softwares...serious replies only must be knowledge...
  8. jeff1985

    Updating my Newspaper Theme need expert to help

    I have Newspaper Theme 9.8 on my site but i hear now they 10.3.2 I need a wordpress guru who works with these templates to help me upgrade it and maintain my current look but make my site faster buy adding the new version and to tweak the home page a bit...if you feel like you can help please pm...
  9. jeff1985

    Business Credit Tricks

    Is there any tricks to get your business credit up without doing it the traditional way... trying to increase my DUN number and others .. thanks
  10. jeff1985

    Need website logo edited and template configure fast job

    Job is closed
  11. jeff1985

    Need a Programmer to hide the referrer on a redirect

    please pm with price and details...we want one url to be forward as redirect that goes to intermediate page and then goes to the target page hiding the referrrer and showing up as normal direct traffic...serious replies only via dm with price and details.
  12. jeff1985

    new ip expert to release my mac address and get me a new ip by my cable provider

    recently an important site has block my cable home ip from seeing something...i went to it on my phone off wifi and it works perfectly but my home internet is blocked i have usa cable company spectrum so im trying to release my ip so i can get a new unblocked one anyone have any idea how to do...
  13. jeff1985

    Hiring Programmer for Bounce Rate Reducing Trick Google Analytics/Simliar Web

    We are seeking someone who has a trick or plugin that can reduce the bounce rate from incoming traffic for wordpress site so it shows a lower bounce rate on simliar web and google anaytics we trying to reduce bounce rate from 95 to 40 percent if possble serious replys by dm with plan and price
  14. jeff1985

    NET 30 accounts for Business Accounts

    My friend had a questionj: How do you create business credit without spending all his money on net 30 accounts...for his LLC ...he is trying to find a workaround for this
  15. jeff1985

    Facebook promotion bot

    My friend is seeking a facebook promotion bot to promote his website to new people that arent on his facebook fan page...any suggestions or products you can recommend for him?
  16. jeff1985

    Looking for 2019 Messenger/Email Bot any suggestions

    we are looking for email and or messenger bot 2019 any suggestions on what is working for folks in 2019?
  17. jeff1985

    Any SEO recommedations for Entertainment Gossip site

    Hey black hat checking in to see if anyone could recommend the best seo package or software on here for entertainment websites that has had great success(sustain organic traffic daily from search and link building)
  18. jeff1985

    Who is the Better Native Ads Company Outbrain vs Taboola vs Revcontent

    Native Advertising is such a huge source of traffic for tons of content based websites all over the world and I was wondering which company my fellow Blackhat members preferred? Outbrain Taboola Revcontent Zergnet
  19. jeff1985

    Looking for People who are purchased google news sites for advice

    I am basically making this post to see if any of my fellow black hat members have purchased a site that is google news or currently run a site that was approved for google news... i am looking for testimonials essentially to way the cost of buying a google news site and how much traffic that...
  20. jeff1985

    How do you reduce the size of your wordpress from 100 percent to 75 percent?

    I am trying to reduce the size of my template meaning when u are in chrome or firefox u can reduce the size from your browser from 100 percent to 75 percent...i want my template to look 75 percent on all computers how can u do that? i found a way to reduce the width but that doesnt solved the...