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  1. Univa

    Pinterest Pin Images Needed

    Looking for someone who can create Pinterest Pin images in Food and Recipe Niche. Have - 70 URL Need - 5 Images per URL So overall 350 images. I can share some paid templates too which I purchased for the same purpose. Please quote pricing and PM for other queries.
  2. Univa

    How to AutoPost to Specific Pinterest Boards

    I have created boards over my account with specific category name. Now what I want to do is whenever I publish a post in X category then a pin should be created in X board. and same for Y and Z. Any WP Plugin that can automate the stuff? Cheers
  3. Univa

    Remote Desktop Connection Error "An internal error has occurred."

    Hey guys, I am getting this error while connecting to VPS Can anyone let me know how to fix this. Tried googling but could not find a proper fix.
  4. Univa

    Univa's Another Amazon Affiliate Journey To Success

    Hey Guys, So I am back with any journey in Amazon Niche. The last journey of mine went good and I was able to hit the target pretty soon but I couldn't maintain the pace and eventually, the project fell off. No worries, Its all part of a business. Now let's talk about the current journey and...
  5. Univa

    HotJar Incoming Feedback Beta Project

    You might have seen the feedback section in many websites. Now hotjar is rolling it out and you could use it for free(I guess as per their words) Ref. Link: Non ref. Link: Both of the above links open the same page but I...
  6. Univa

    Unwanted domains are pointing towards my hosting

    Hey Guys, So some one is pointing 4-5 domains to my ip and they are now messing with my ranking for some keywords instead of my original domain those domains are appearing. What should be my approach? Should I disavow those domains in WMT or should I redirect other urls to my original...
  7. Univa

    Univa's Amazon Affiliate Journey to $xxxx/month

    Sup Guys, This would be my first journey thread over BHW also its the longest time I have been consistent with 1 method, usually I read about any new methods and try to hop into it and end up getting bashed. Let's keep everything short and get to the point. Currently I will be starting with...
  8. Univa

    Get Free Domain and Hosting for a year

    You will need a VPN or US IP,you can use cyberghost free vpn and fake name generator.You can use textplus usa number to add your phone number also. Not Sure where to post this so if this is in wrong section please report the thread. Have Fun Cheers
  9. Univa

    Looking for content writers.

    So basically I need someone to provide me contents not articles. Niche: Mens clothing Its for Amazon reviews. I will be providing you around 450 Urls (Many duplicates) you need to look over them clearly and provide me contents that suits better and legit. Contents must be around 20 words so...
  10. Univa

    Facebook Video Views Question

    Hey Guys, Is anybody working to increase views count of uploaded Videos on Facebook. I want a little guidance on it, How the views are getting increased as its still a mystery for me. I am unsure how the views are increasing do they need logged in accounts for that or what?? If you can point...
  11. Univa

    Yahoo Contributors Network going to be shut down.

    Has anyone else received the same email. Are they going to shut the whole thing down or just I had many articles under review what will happen to them. Dear Contributors, You made the past nine years incredible. At Yahoo, we?re focused on making daily habits more inspiring...
  12. Univa

    Several Websites are not loading up in my PC!!

    I am facing this issues from yesterday. Websites are not loading up. "Oops! Google Chrome could not find " Is anyone else facing the same or its just me. Tried at my home and office same at both places.
  13. Univa

    Need Help with Imacros!!

    Hey Guys, Can you help me with Imacros. I need something with which the imacros can Pick random lines from notepad or CSV. Thanks
  14. Univa

    Udemy Videos are they worthy??

    HI Guys, Have any of you ever started any courses in Udemy? I have a collection of around 80 courses, but I haven't viewed Single of them. I think they are a time waster maybe not. Just need your opinion are they worthy to be watched?? Thanks