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  1. maxchen

    [WTH] Fix wkhtmltopdf not working for utf8

    Having issue to render my utf8 as pdf with wkhtmltopdf , it render weirdly, but when i browse the page using my computer, everything render fine. Must be some encoding issue. Willing pay for a fix and solution. Thanks
  2. maxchen

    [WTH] Looking to clean my online trace of my phone

    [WTH] Looking to clean my online trace of my phone I used to engage SEO provider with my own phone number for directory listing, web listing etc. Now I want remove all traces of my phone which appear by typing the 8 digits number of my phone. Simply few pages of records. Willing pay well for...
  3. maxchen

    [WTH] Clean my online trace at Search

    I have a phone number, which when I type in Google, a lot of results that tie back to my company website and address. Those are local directory, local SEO thingy. I want someone to remove those entries for me by contacting the site that contain my details. I will give you the search term, I...
  4. maxchen

    [WTH] Adobe Sign Similar Scripting

    Hi, I want to create a page that is similar to Adobe Sign for internal use. Basically its allow me to, this all need to be web based . Prefer working with PHP coding and JS etc. 1) Upload my PDF 2) Put a box (drag & drop) into the PDF and set it as "Signature zone" 3) User will able sign on...
  5. maxchen

    How to convert mobile responsive web into android & ios app

    Hi guys, I have a system which require log-in, built using bootstrap framework and fully responsive. My client ask me to create android & ios app for them , same layout and look and feel. How do I get the site convert without rebuild the code in native android or ios code. I know there some...
  6. maxchen

    [WTH] English > German Translator for 1 job of 1700 words.

    [WTH] English > German Translator for 1 job of 1700 words. I have a string of text to be translated, required translation by native speaking german. Do pm me your price & expected TAT. Thanks
  7. maxchen

    Server Logging Question

    Hi. I got some technical question about ubuntu server. I wonder where will log my ip address So far i found that /var/log/apache2 on access and error log /var/log/secure btmp Is there any other files in server that log ip address of whoever access the server, be it ssh, sftp or web or any...
  8. maxchen

    [WTH] Binary Tree Diagram using Draw Canvas

    Found coder
  9. maxchen

    Manga Site with more than 100k visit/day , need Monetiser JV

    I had run 2 manga sites that been around for close to 1 year. Site 1 = 78k unique a day Site 2 = 25-35k uniques a day Stats based on Google Analytics. I am currently only running 1 x popup ads. I want to further monetise and I need a partner who is skilled with this. I used to run banner...
  10. maxchen

    [WTH] PHP Code to Login & Save as Cookie & also Upload

    Hi. I would like to have a php code done. The site is Rapidgator and I would like to have the following code done in PHP 1) Login as a user and password, save the login session as cookie.txt at current directory and every time when page load, will check if user is logged in, else re-login...
  11. maxchen

    Wth chinese speaking,able to read chinese va

    Hi, i am looking to hire chinese va. Your job To converse with chinese supplier in china via web messenger. I have a template question for things i want you to ask. You must be able to edit photo and remove watermark or able to find image similar to 90 pct. You must be able to talk to me at...
  12. maxchen

    [WTH] Css remove a padding below my image

    I need some help with removing the extra padding below my image, not sure where to change, been figuring out for a while. willing pay $5 usd for the job, pm me if you interested, i will send u the url. no server access, only pure css fixing. thanks
  13. maxchen

    [WTH] Art Director/ Web Artist to draw up visual for E-Listing Platform

    [WTH] Art Director/ Web Artist to draw up visual for E-Listing Platform I want someone to able to design for my Interior Design E-Listing platform. References: I need something better than the 2 references above. can take inspiration from other country E-Listing...
  14. maxchen

    [WTH] Fill up yellow page form

    5 fields. First name Last name Email Subject Message Key in captcha press submit Total got about 1000 forms to do. Let me know your rates and TAT for this 1000 forms. I will only reply to the best candidate. The 5 fields data are the same for this 1000 forms, just key in the same thing, i...
  15. maxchen

    [WTH] PHP Code to Crawl Incapsula Page

    I trying parse the HTML code of a site that got protected by incapsula, anyone able bypass it do quote me your cost & TAT. Thanks
  16. maxchen

    [WTH] Expired Domain Scraper for TLD

    Thread close sorry.
  17. maxchen

    using sape as tier 2

    Do anyone have experience with using sape da >30 links for tier 2. Whats your experience. Thanks
  18. maxchen

    Hire CSS and JS tweaking for Owl Carousel to add Navigation

    Hire, I am using a template that make use of Owl Carousel for the product display. Currently product image can be change by the small radio button below the image, I want to add Left & Right Arrow on side of the product image, and auto play the image (change to next image every 5 seconds) Do...
  19. maxchen

    Local Citation site - a pain or a gain?

    Recently I had engaged some company by the name B* to do some Local citation. They pick for me some of the popular business directory or so? I guess, such as yel* and some others, but I realise my rank sank shortly after some of the links was done(not sure if it was indexed) and the rank remain...
  20. maxchen

    [WTH] PHP Form Post Script

    Hi, I want hire someone to help me do a form post to a page with recapthca, all you need to do is tick the recaptcha button. and fill in the text field with my parameter Let me know if you can do this PHP (commandline) CURL post or so & your cost. Thanks