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  1. Brickbat1

    Owning an adult website + Morals

    You can not.
  2. Brickbat1

    Why do People HATE Elon Musk so much?

    Its jealousy, nothing else. People just hate that he has the power they dont have.
  3. Brickbat1

    Looking for Newly Registered Domains

    i don't get it, any problem with you registering and creating "newly registered domains" yourself?
  4. Brickbat1

    Looking to buy method to make infinite outlook email for free

    I also have one for bulk or gmx if you need that too. Dm @ Timbuctuu on Telegram.
  5. Brickbat1

    Looking to hire dev to make reddit upvote bot or reddit mass DM bot

    Take a look at this which I and a few others currently use in production. Might be what you need , though it's much more than just an upvote bot. You can dm me on Telegram @Timbuctuu
  6. Brickbat1

    What did you buy this Black Friday?

    Couple of Udemy courses. Discount was too sweet at about 80-85% to resist.
  7. Brickbat1

    Looking for etherscan scraper

    Last time I programmed a bot for little or no upfront, client never came back to pay up. Can make this for you but you have to reconsider no upfront.
  8. Brickbat1

    bhw accounts farming in full force

    Best Solution: Only BST owner can bump thread once every 72 hours. This has an added benefit that if you own a BST and are not active, your BST will fade out of view.
  9. Brickbat1

    namecheap account suspend all your domains permanently

    Its theft, pure and simple. If its possible to sue them, even if you really can not go all the way, at least make some noise and let it go mainstream news, it will put them on the hot seat. They will have to respond publicly and at worst, return you your domains. Anyway, you can only try this if...
  10. Brickbat1

    bhw accounts farming in full force

    No I am not saying they should be able to continue what they are doing. On the contrary. What they are doing is not good. But the only fair solution I see is the whack-a-mole strategy of reporting and banning the accounts as quickly as possible, and possibly, investigating the main beneficiaries...
  11. Brickbat1

    bhw accounts farming in full force

    I do understand that yes it works for them..what I am saying is that I dont think it takes much of the responsibility for depriving a sticky thread or an advertised BST from getting its own exposure. They stepped up their game, a BST owner can step up his exposure too by perhaps getting busier...
  12. Brickbat1

    bhw accounts farming in full force

    But stickies are precisely that? Stickies? I thought they are always there regardless of other non sticky thread bumpings? I really dont get it yet..maybe i am missing something?
  13. Brickbat1

    namecheap account suspend all your domains permanently

    This is insane. So they want to be the judge and jury of what is a legitimate business? Asking for Articles of business registration for online blogs? I have been with them for ages. There must be a new kid on the block in their management trying to become moral police using their own warped...
  14. Brickbat1

    bhw accounts farming in full force

    I do understand the angst here. However, to be honest, I dont really think the few minutes a BST gets exposure after a bump is the main driver to its sales funnel. Your own advertising on the platform, either via your signature or rented signatures or ads purchased from BHW is a bigger driver...
  15. Brickbat1

    namecheap account suspend all your domains permanently

    Don't even dream of .You will likely cry not just tears but blood.
  16. Brickbat1

    Have you removed all funds from crypto exchanges?

    Its good practice to only keep what you need to use immediatey,on the exchange and everything else out of exchanges.
  17. Brickbat1

    Someone offered me 1k usd for my bhw account.

    Hmm..seems this is the new thing now. It kind of compromises the security of the whole system somehow as one may not be able to safely assess a seller from their previous posts - the account may have a new owner.
  18. Brickbat1

    Can you recommend hosting and domain company that accepts payment with crypto?

    Ha ha, I guess offshore is a relative term. It's offshore for me. Besides, what is the big deal with that? I registered several sites there with fake name, fake address and paid with crypto anonymously. If I wanted further anonymity I would have done it all with a proxy and with that, case...
  19. Brickbat1

    3350 Crypto Telegram Groups list with 1.1 million live online members plus free Group Shill bot for $100

    Yes it is, with some bonus groups too. Dm me on Telegram @Timbuctuu to get them.
  20. Brickbat1

    Fraudulent client

    Nope, not true. I have been in that shoe a few times, and what I do if there is no practical way to seek redress , is to move on. People always reap what they sow, though you may not be in the know as to how and when, it's a law of nature that has a way of catching up, if not now, later.