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  1. pocketttt

    tiktok ban account for reused content?this videos can be monetized?

    well , i doing legit youtube channel but reusing content from reddit on my account and now my account was suspended so i thinking to start tiktok, do allow reused content from reddit, did someone tryed? i will give the uploader credits can monetize this kind videos? thanks
  2. pocketttt

    [BIG] list of subreddits divided by niche

    hey whats up guys first, sorry my english, not my main language... so, im on reddit game since 2015, i use reddit for work but also for personal fun I have collected a big personal big list of niches on reddit since I started, but today I through " well maybe can be useful for someone" so Ill...
  3. pocketttt

    Best Sites to get free steam game key (some AAA games included)

    well, i have found some good sites to get steam game keys for free and ill be sharing here the site and how to get it (sorry my english not my main language) 1) In this site, you can get free keys just doing some easy tasks as follow then on twitter and add a game on steam...
  4. pocketttt

    Giving 100 High Quality AI Generated art for BHW Members

    I got some credits of AI Site, and I giving the Image for the first 100 members: credits: just give me the prompts and ill quote with your art
  5. pocketttt

    [For Newbies] Big Subreddit list where you can promote your own youtube video and get real views

    sorry my english, not my main language I use these subreddits to promote my youtube videos and get some views, i also getting some karma to my reddit accounts, the traffic is better than facebook group to me you can post any amount videos without problem, you are allowed to promote your videos...
  6. pocketttt

    If I create backlinks for my youtube videos will help my videos to rank on google?

    anyone have experience with this? backlinks help to rank on google with youtube videos?
  7. pocketttt

    [GUIDE] little tip to find the best steam games at a huge discount and save money

    just use this site: no login required in the filters set: reviews > 500, discount > 80% and click "reload the page with your filters" you will find top selling games with 80% or more discount, you can also play with filter to find more games use this site...
  8. pocketttt

    [Journey][4 fun] Trying grow a youtube game channel with no commentary from 0 views to The MOOOOOON

    Hello first, sorry my english, is not my main language well, in this journey I will try to grow a gaming channel without commentary with only my gameplays and highlights I have been researching and i have found some others channels with no commentary with sucess Im not focusing in money in this...
  9. pocketttt

    Need help with PlayerUp site, anyone here used this service to sell account?

    so, I have listed my pinterest account on playerup and someone ofered bit less and i have accepted, i received a email from playerup saying the person has payed the account and i need to delivery the buyer said he used middleman to buy the account how i can deliver? where is safe to i place...
  10. pocketttt

    [NovelAI] This AI art is crazy, create high quality anime pics in seconds

    site: (paid, minimum tier 10$ a month) my personal results with this IA: from a pic: more results on oficial subreddit:
  11. pocketttt

    where is the best places to share youtube videos and get some views?

    so, i have started a gaming channel, i am sharing my videos on reddit and fb groups, but getting low views only one short video got 350 views and 10 likes, it was my second video, at moment i have 4 videos but almost 0 views on others so, where is another sites to share youtube content and get...
  12. pocketttt

    Anyone tryed to sell AI art as NFT?

    so, i been playing with ai art and getting some good results, i thinking to sell as nft on opensea, do you guys think this will work? anyone having sucess this way? to get traffic, maybe ill post link to my nft on subreddit nft related sorry my english, not my main language
  13. pocketttt

    is anyone here still having success selling nft? what are the currently recommended sites for sale?

    so, i been playing with AI art and i made some really good art, so i think maybe i can sell as NFT I wonder if anyone still having success by selling nft nowadays, and what sites do you recommend? I want to list my nft for free if possible sorry my english, not my main language
  14. pocketttt

    Is it possible in some way, site or tool, to check in bulk if some subreddits allow crossposting?

    is there a tool to check if some subreddits allow crossposting? I would like to check in bulk
  15. pocketttt

    Questions about no commentary game channel

    so, i thinking to start a yt gaming channel with long plays and no commentary, I know there is alot people like this kind videos, my question is 1) longplay videos with no commentary is monetizable with adsense? 2) i got my adsense banned from my main gmail account few years ago, so i need to...
  16. pocketttt

    Google will remove support for adblockers extensions on chrome in 2023 im google chrome user for many years but ill go to firefox or brave now
  17. pocketttt

    post 4000 also today it's my birthday

    I'm turning 38 years old today and completing 4000 posts I would like to receive an invitation to download paypal monkey generator to be rich
  18. pocketttt

    what are your thoughts about disney

    i liked disney a lot in the past, her characters were part of my childhood and i liked the stories a lot, but lately she has been creating a lot of bad movies for example lion king 3d and mulan are horrible compared to the original i still consume disney stuff, at the moment i'm playing disney...
  19. pocketttt

    hey white hat users, have you ever been tempted to do some blackhat technique? or have you ever done

    hey fam just curious about white hat users
  20. pocketttt

    is possible to make money with automated blog comment tools and just sharing affiliate links?

    so, anyone has tryed to use automated blog comment tools to straight promote aff links? i mean scraperbox or gsa, or any other, maybe this work?what tool do you suggest to do this? sorry my english, not my main language