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  1. Geweldig man

    FAQ on every to get rich snippets

    So here's a short question on FAQ's. They enrich your snippets. Is it also good to have the same FAQ on every page? Does this enricht all your snippets on the SERP? Has anyone ever tried to add a FAQ on all the pages and see what happens?
  2. Geweldig man

    [Question] Scheduling blogposts and sync it with the nav bar

    Howdy folks. Recently I decided to schedule all the blogposts I make, that way I get more of a feeling on where the website goes in terms of traffic and progress. Now when I schedule a blog post, I need to manually enter the post into the navbar. This should be done easier, right? Does anyone...
  3. Geweldig man

    Noobquestion about Amazon Affiliate

    So I have gotten 2 sales through Amazon affiliate program. I don't see the revenue and comission. I just see 2 products are sold. It's been 5 days since my first sale. How long does it normally take for revenue to show up? Or do I first have to add payment details before I can see the revenue...
  4. Geweldig man

    I got threatened by a competitor in my niche

    So this guy wrote me an email telling me he will report me at Google for stealing his content. In fact I wrote content and compete on a few same keywords as him. I used his content to get an idea on how to write my content. The content is far from the same, the subjects are pretty much...
  5. Geweldig man

    [Journey] My journey €100/day - Pure affiliate marketing

    Do you know that feeling.. You see people around you earning a decent profit passively. You feel like you want to achieve the same results. That's the point where I got somewhere in January 2020. I started working as an online marketeer at a online marketing agency in february. For me this...
  6. Geweldig man

    [Tag manager] External click as a conversion in Google Ads

    Dear blackhatters, I'm new to tag manager and Google Ads, so this may be pretty basic to some of you. This question is to affiliate website owners, who use Google Ads and optimize their ad campaigns by making an external outbound click an conversion. In combination with the use of intern...
  7. Geweldig man

    [E-mail marketing campaign] Which software to use

    Hello, As I started looking around to start using an e-mail marketing campaign software. I first checked out the MailChimp, simply because it's top-of-mind. After doing some research I find there are various different tools which are less-limited. But I'm just curious if they're also as...
  8. Geweldig man

    Is Google Ads for affiliate marketing profitable?

    I'm thinking about building some landing pages for the more expensive products in my niche. And drive traffic through search ads. The key problem I solve with the landing pages are: making it easier for the customer to make a good decision on buying product. The product has a lot of different...
  9. Geweldig man

    [Question] Guestblogging on the higher segments

    I notice in the lower segments that it's very normal to build every article with about 3-4 external links. All the links point toward the "money" domain on different pages. Now I notice that at guestblog articles where the buyer pays above €1.000, the blogger posts 1-2 external links to the...
  10. Geweldig man

    As an affiliate is it better to have more domains?

    Dear readers, I just found an interesting research by Ahrefs: Now the million dollar question is. Is it better to have let's say 5 affiliate sites with DR 20 over 1 affiliate site with DR 40 for example. Aren't chances way bigger that your 5 affiliate sites will get alot more traffic since...
  11. Geweldig man

    Include product page in the silo (URL structure) or not?

    We all know the perfect way of categorizing the website into silo's. Now I notice a HUGE websites whom make the websites into silo's until the product page. As an example: The is about pets, the category page is about dogs so its the sub-category is about dry food...
  12. Geweldig man

    Why do a lot of affiliate websites do this?

    So I was wondering why (the bigger than average) affiliate websites use internal linking > 301 redirect > affiliate link. Am I missing out, because I use direct external linking? (I use nofollow and target blank obviously) What are the pains and gains for deciding which method to use? I...
  13. Geweldig man

    Testing the effects of Web 2.0 (pandemic backlinks)

    To start off, I want to give credits to @Rachmaninoff for his post " [Guides]Get this pandemic backlinks ". I'm pretty new to linkbuilding with Web 2.0, so I will be testing out the strategy very carefully. The domains I'm using are owned by the company where I work for so I really don't want...
  14. Geweldig man

    Linkbuilding from around the world

    Hello everyone, Quick question about linkbuilding. I am running a Dutch website. The text is in Dutch. How will my website rank when I collect a bunch of backlinks from, let's say, American and or Asian websites (with good quality) . Will my content rank better in the Dutch search queries...
  15. Geweldig man

    Hello everyone

    Hello, My name is Wesley, I'm 26 years old. I have been lurking around this forum for about two years. Today I decided to join the group and hope to be able to share some valuable knowledge around here. I work as a online marketeer at a digital marketing agency for small companies in the...