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  1. dvno879

    Need BBB Positive Reviews Service!

    Hello, I am looking for someone that can do BBB positive reviews for a few companies of mine. We have one that has a F rating and we need it fixed asap. I have not been able to find anyone that does BBB reviews on here so requesting it here. We probably want to buy at least 100 positive reviews...
  2. dvno879

    Need Reputation Management Services

    Hello, I run multiple big brand businesses and I'm looking to connect with someone that can help take some workload off from me. I have quite a few clients that need reputation management help, such as pushing ripoffreport sites down from the first page, lots of our ecommerce stores are getting...
  3. dvno879

    Multiple LLC's - How to Properly Set up and not Link them?

    Hello, Ive been doing online marketing for a few years now and always used my home address as the primary address for my business. I am moving to another state and want to set up it properly. I am also going to open up another online business but it wont be related to affiliate marketing, it...
  4. dvno879

    Exit Pop For Latest Firefox Update?

    So my ROI was hurting, checked stats of my traffic by browser type and firefox was the worst by far. I checked the exit pop script inside a firefox browser (newly updated) and it doesnt work anymore. Does anyone know of a fix for the latest update? Thanks!
  5. dvno879

    Flippa Phone Verification - NON VOIP Needed Now? Plz Help!

    How do I get past Flippa's phone verification update? A few months ago they implemented TeleSign, which is much stricter than their previous verification method. They dont allow temporary phone numbers, which include all the VOIP ones that I tried like Google voice and Willing to...
  6. dvno879

    How Would I FAKE it so It Looks Like Im Sending Email Traffic?

    I know how to fake referrers and can also cloak (meta refresh) but the advertiser wants me to pass all referrers now. since its email traffic. Help!
  7. dvno879

    Vote For My Dirty Vegas Remix On INDABAMUSIC!

    Hey guys, I'm a DJ and I entered this contest: I made a remix of Little White Doves by Dirty Vegas, check it out, and please vote for me as I'm trying to get 1st place! Currently at 10th so pretty...
  8. dvno879

    Looking to buy ubot web 2.0 account creator bot.

    Please pm me your price for this if you have one or similar web 2.0, bookmarking ,and social network account creator. Also must verify links in email etc.
  9. dvno879

    Xrumer - Ping Success Lists With Scrapebox pinger?

    So when I get a list of success urls, can i put them all into the scrapebox pinger and run it with referrers like bing and google? Will that index those links or at least get them found by google?
  10. dvno879

    Anyone know this theme or a similar one?

    I want to make an affiliate site similar to this theme/style of website but preferrably wordpress based: Anyone know of any good wordpress themes that look similar? Pretty much id like a intro page with like links and images etc/ summary of information, then allow users to...
  11. dvno879

    Increasing Your Alexa Rank With Scrapebox?

    I have a few sites and would like to increase their alexa rank to around 100k. I have a few organic sites and get around 100 or so visitors a day, and they are ranked normally around 100k in Alexa, so I dont think its hard to send a few hits using scrapebox to some of my less trafficed sites...
  12. dvno879

    Anyone heard of KW Grouper or how to get it?

    I heard its best tool for grouping keywords into ad groups, but it seems like they took it off the site or something.. any one have it here or hacked copy?
  13. dvno879

    Whats better for branding? A dot com with a dash or a .org?

    I have two domains and i want to brand the shitttt out of this site, so not sure which one is better... The 2 domains available: or Which one is better for the average user? A dash is somewhat annoying, but a .org is weird too since this...
  14. dvno879

    Adwords Campaign Manager? Anyone?

    Looking for this: Looks really good, anyone have it for download or available somewhere for free? Its almost 1k in price and im looking for something that can great adgroups on the fly for me.... Thanks!
  15. dvno879

    Page Rank Update!!!! Check your sites ASAP! Googles new PR has gone through!

    Just woke up today and checked a few of my sites as usual for new rankings, backlinks etc, and guess what I saw! My 0 page rank sites are now 1s, and 2s!! Great stuff, so check your sites as well! We know page rank doesnt mean too much now a days, but still happy to have something other...
  16. dvno879

    My Life is BRO/HO wordpress theme? Anyone can grab it?

    Check it out : ( they also have another similar site for my life is ho) Can anyone get the theme for that site? It looks pretty nicely done and simple. I tried htttrack to get it, but all i got are javascript/plugins/and the stylesheet but does anyone know how to get...
  17. dvno879

    Programming Class In My College: Python?

    I decided to take the class in my college. Its the basic Python programming class, so how do I apply it to internet marketing? Surely I wont be able to create programs from just one class, so what can it be used for? Like can i create scripts with python and make it work inside a browser...
  18. dvno879

    Xrumer Blast... Weird Ranking Changes?

    Ok so I made a mistake in Xrumer. I let it run overnight getting backlinks for my primary keyword. Now that primary keyword is the only thing my site appears for inside my SERPS. I lost rankings for around 10 other keywords I was ranking for. I made the mistake of not putting the {}...
  19. dvno879

    Urgent Help! Someone hacked my Gmail and Skype! What next!?

    My gmail account was hacked yesterday, and my other gmail account was hacked as well that is connected to my Adsense. I was able to recover my original gmail, but my adsense gmail I didnt use, aka its just used for adsense so when I went to the account recovery to put in my information, I had...
  20. dvno879

    Put Spaces Between Huge Keyword Lists? How To Do It?

    Alright, So I have some keywords that I get from a site and want to check with Google keywords to see their searches etc, but theres a problem, since they get spit out as one word, such as "buylaptops". If I put that into MS Word, I can auto change them, but I still have to manually click...