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  1. PaganCalling

    Where to start to learn programming?

    learn html and java first. learn at codeacademy. after that pick the one that you like the most.
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    400 Free Tools and Free Resources For Entrepreneurs and Startups

    wow thanks a lot man, they are very useful. Plus it's free
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    2017 POWERFUL Method to browse BHW Guides EFFECTIVELY

    oh im doing the site:bhw thing, the "Thanks x 100...1000000000000" is a nice addition. thanks sometimes its frustrating to see a 'use the search bar idiot' reply on a thread. Especially if I found the thread from the search bar
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    Do you believe in CHINA product?

    which china products are you talking about? smartphone? yes, xiaomi is good with that price. Car? I dont think so. Foods? I love chinese foods. Medication? Maybe oh crypto. hmm well I dont think so
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    Help this poor girl please

    is posting on this thread increases post count? yes, okay then no. show us yourr bobs and vegana first. and maybe someone will give you $1
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    [FREE] Instagram IMACROS Follow and Unfollow Scripts (GOOGLE CHROME ONLY)

    use imacros if you want a FREE one. dont waste your money and use imacros
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    [METHOD] Instagram method for beginners $1-$5/day. NO INVESTMENTS REQUIRED.

    thanks for the tuts, especially the free domain hosting. definitely will try this
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    Article Spinning online

    +1 for bestfreespinner wordAI for the paid one
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    71th Independence Day of India

    Happy independence day india. I dont know our country is so close. I mean, Indonesia will have his 72nd independence on 17th lol
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    Good News For All Noobs Out There

    haha he just said he made 100$ that's it. we dont know how long. Stop being so negative man. I also made a couple of 100$ it soooo easy, but it takes about half a year.
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    If I had $100 to invest what should I invest it in online?

    meditation, eat healthy, go to the gym. invest in yourself
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    So Sad, I Need Your Help Bro!!!!

    duuh mas wawan indonesian market isnt't really profitable, you need to target first world countries to earn decent money. do you join adsid btw?
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    Pinteres is hard to get followers now

    the follow button on pinterest web is missing. anyone notice this? We need to open each profile to follow. I thnk this is also the reason why followback ratio is significantly lower
  14. PaganCalling

    Few one-time payment alternatives of FL

    now I become afraid of a 'one time fee' model haha. Maybe I will try a monthly one in a couple of months I like your custom bot ideas. IG won't know about this bot, and we can ask the programmer directly when there's a problem
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    [NOT A METHOD] Super easy step-by-step method for noobs - Guaranteed 3000$ per month

    whats wrong with you man? everybody should stop posting on this useless thread oh okay I'll post anyway, gotta increase that post count lol
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    [Tutorial] How To Create Facebook Accounts ... The Real Way!

    thanks for posting the tips. I found out a couple months ago that we indeed have to log in every once in a while for, you know sharing some shits, the point is to add some activities.
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    [Method] Recover your engagement on Instagram

    makes a perfect sense, thanks a lot. I will like more of my followers photos by now and see the result btw please make this kind of guide again in the future
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    How To Make ONLY 10$ A Day ?? Tired Of Failure

    lol people that recommend fiverr surely never tried it by themselves. OP Go with social media and cpa
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    [FREE] Professional VPN Service

    hey OP may I have one? Im currently in need of vpn