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  1. lucadunning

    Google Ads - Is advetising for Facebook Likes allowed?

    Hi BHW, Just curious, if I use Google Ads for a social media marketing website (e.g Buying Facebook Likes) will Google shut it down and will there be any knock on affect for my website?
  2. lucadunning

    HELP: Delete someone elses pages post by reporting?

    Hello, How do I delete someone elses page post? Is it possible? I need ir removing from a page if I report it enough times will this trigger it to be deleted by Facebook? I need advise please
  3. lucadunning

    Facebook Fan Page Likes

    Who is the best re-seller and who has the cheapest prices that you know of? I have been messed around by Instant-Fans in the past few weeks as they have had a melt down with this service. Please advise?
  4. lucadunning

    Facebook Likes - Industry Meltdown

    Can ANYONE explain why prices have hiked and all re-sellers now cannot provide Facebook Likes? I need a cheap supplier this is getting rediculous.
  5. lucadunning

    Facebook 250,000

    Hi there, I need 250,000 Facebook Likes and 250,000 Facebook Followers - can someone point me in the right direction?
  6. lucadunning

    I need a VA

    Hi there, I need a VA - Please can someone recommend? The job will simply be to input data into Google Sheets.
  7. lucadunning

    WTF is this? Is this someone trying to shit on my site with spammy links? Seems they are targeting everyone.
  8. lucadunning

    Did CloudFlare Work For You?

    I need to increase site speed for users based outside of the USA - has anyone had good results with CloudFlare CDN/
  9. lucadunning

    Response From MOZ Q&A Forum Regarding My PBN

    Hello again BHW, I recently posted in the Moz Q&A Forum asking how many backlinks to include in a guest blog within a PBN. The response was unexpected and I wanted to get the BHW communities opinion. I am now worried about using the PBN in which I have access too... Here is the link...
  10. lucadunning

    How do I delete this page from Google?

    It's Google + and I hate that it brings back search results:
  11. lucadunning

    CloudFlare... anyone used?

    I want to use a CDN on my website but TrustPilot reviews have put me off: Can anyone advise?
  12. lucadunning

    Anonymous Website & Payments

    Hi BHW, I need to hire someone who can teach me how to make a website anonymous that accepts payments anonymously too. Please add me on Skype if you can help. lucadunning
  13. lucadunning

    GOD_NAT making £10,000+ a month

    What's up BHW... Has anyone heard of God_Nat? I want to trust this dude so bad as he seems legit but as with any scheme like this, I'm always sceptical. He makes some v good points however. In case you didn't know: - IN SA NE. -...
  14. lucadunning

    Does Google Penalise SMM websites and re-sellers?

    Hello Does anyone know of this? One of my VA's was telling me Google algorithms affect SMM websites and re-sellers. I have just funded a startup and have been trying to rank for weeks with great content and backlinks. Thoughts people?
  15. lucadunning

    Outsource Facebook accounts or create my own

    Hello I need to farm 200-500 Facebook accounts. The time required to make these myself seems it may be worthwhile outsourcing - but I am scared something will go wrong and I will lose my money with no protection. Ideally, I need some aged Facebook accounts that I can purchase myself and start...
  16. lucadunning

    Typical price for good guest blog post?

    Hello For something DA 40+ what would be a typical rate for a guest blog post?
  17. lucadunning

    MultiLoginApp Question

    Hello BHW I want to create 25-50 Facebook accounts by hand and manage them through MultiLoginApp. How would I do this without getting the accounts banned? Thank you
  18. lucadunning

    Will I get sued by Facebook

    Hello BHW Will Facebook sue me for using brand resources in a way that is against the guidelines? I am an e-commerce corporation. I wondered if anyone knew anything about this topic?
  19. lucadunning

    Best Online Resource for Search Volume + KW Research

    Hello I have started an e-commerce site and need to know what keywords to optimise and search volumes also. Please can someone help point me in the right direction?
  20. lucadunning

    Your personal statement in CV?

    Hello BHW, I'm curious about what personal statement you use in your CV. Can I see some examples? No more than 100 words