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    [GET] 2 FREE $100 Adwords Coupons (new accounts only)

    Got these...thought I'd donate them to you guys... Enjoy! 798G-PRVR-LTTA-28RJ-ZEDA JY73-VKV6-ZHTT-XSMJ-MNJ
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    Lead-gen website but not selling leads to anyone

    So I have this lead-gen website I made a while ago that gathers leads for people looking for a massage. Lately I've gotten to #1 and #3 for my KWPs. The problem is, I'm getting leads but I haven't been able to deliver on them or monetize! Now obviously some will say, "call up some massage...
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    Blog network with dedicated IP

    I want to build a blog network that's built of clusters of little networks. Something like 5-10 sites in every cluster. I don't want to go the c-class IP SEO hosting route, since that's a bit questionable, especially after the Panda update. This might have been asked before but I couldn't...
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    Slapped by the Big G

    Had a great niche site, and was ranking on the 1st page for some very competitive keywords after 2 months of SEO. Did the G00gle dance for a bit but finally ended up on page 1. One day, got slapped hard, and now the site is ranked 428, 300...crazy numbers like that. Any advice from...
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    [GET] The Logo Creator

    The Logo Creator - Design Suite It's fun and easy to use! Create logos, animated logos, business cards and letterhead. Create your logo, Import it and place it over any one of the 95 matching business card and letterhead templates! OR - Animate it for a unique eye catching website! It's...
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    Need Leads for Real Estate

    I need qualified leads for investors looking to purchase properties or people looking to purchase a home in Phoenix, AZ or Las Vegas, NV. Please PM me with what you can do for me, including prices and please provide details.
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    Finding Commission-Salespeople

    I want to start selling some of my company products via commission sales reps. I know they're not the best out there, those that get paid are better, etc. I can't pay them at the point I'm at, that's just the way it is. Mind you this is for physical products to sell to stores for resale. My...
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    Any value to mispelled 1-word domains?

    I have a couple of misspelled 1-word domains. Anyone in the know about how much their worth? Do they sell at all in sites like Flippa?
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    Selling a sami-adult website

    I'm about to sell a website of mine, and I wanted to get your honest opinion about it. I know Flipa doesn't allow adult websites but I'm not sure if this one falls into that category. Basically it has videos from youtube and some articles, and is in the gay niche. No obscene scenes except the...
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    Don't want to give private details to Adult network

    I got some money in an adult network, and they want my tax info, but I'm not sure I want to give my details out to an adult network like AAN. Anyone have an idea about how this can be done? Set up an LLC or something?
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    Offset Product Price with CPA

    I want to offer a product but raise the buying conversions so that if someone doesn't feel like paying they could fill out a CPA offer or subscribe to a magazine or something, so I get my money via the commission. Is there any network or any way which will allow customers to either pay for my...
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    Varied Google Rankings Based on Location

    I'm seeing some strange behavior on Google rankings: Let me start off by saying I'm currently outside of the US. I managed to get on the first page for some high-competition keywords, but the traffic was low so I investigated, and to my surprise found out that though I'm seeing first page...
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    Monetizing an adult niche autoblog

    I have an adult niche autoblog, which get around 400-600 UVs per day. Obviously I can't put ads&ense on it or anything besides black-label ads and some adult affiliate stuff like cams dotcom. Problem is, that it's not making a lot from either one of these, thought I have around 5-6 1st page...
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    Any way to make $50-$100/day in a few days

    Is there any way of getting to $50-$100 per day consistently when starting from scratch? I haven't been able to do it with my conventional blogs or methods and was wondering if this is possible to do in a matter of a few days. Please don't reply with "Hit the Search" button replies. It's not...
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    Traffic & Ranking for Autoblogs

    Hey guys, I put up 3 autoblogs, but now I need traffic. Any Suggestions for traffic and getting ranked? I don't wanna sit around and comment on blogs for days-on-end... BTW, I'd appreciate your honest opinions about them:
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    [GET] Traffic Getting SEO Plugin for Wordpress

    I stumbled upon this plugin, and you can actually get it free by signing up and going throught the process but if you want the direct link: If anyone can give a review about this for the rest of us, please do. (Though it's...
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    Looking for a VA from the Philippines

    I'm looking to hire someone to do some virtual assistant type work for me. This would include online research, e-mail correspondence, forum posting, writing articles, etc. I need someone who can think for themselves and not be baby-sittered constantly, and who does things with an attitude of...
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    Godaddy coupon for 30% Off!!!

    Just found this coupon code for all .com domains, you get 30% off no matter what the buying amount is. I just used it so it works: MTECH330 enjoy :p
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    What website are you using to hire Freelancers?

    Hey guys, I thought I'd start this post to see where people are getting their work outsourced. I mean there are the usual GAF, Odesk, and elance, but maybe we can find some new sources for that. Also what country are you hiring from? I've tried using people from India, the US, the UK...
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    Anonymizer to get a US IP

    Does anyone have this one cracked? I downloaded a demo of it and it's got a 7 day trial, gives you a US IP, so it would be good for CL posting, etc. Anyone?