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    Australian Free Blog Site like Blogspot?

    Hi guys, I am looking for some free platform that allowed to create website like blogspot or Anyone has the list? Thank you in advance.
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    Link Exchange: Travel Niche, TF/CF 35/42, DA/PA 44/33

    Hi guys, I would like to have link exchange with any sites in form of contextual links (guest post), text link (footer, sidebar). My site's metric: TF/CF = 35/42 DA/PA =v44/33 Topical trust flow: Travel Checked by Ahrefs and MajesticSEO The...
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    Which affiliate networks I should be in? (given niche)

    Hello everyone, I studied in International Business field in my university. Therefore, I am able to write any HIGH QUALITY contents relating to these field below and I hope my content is useful for people, not just theory in the book I have learn + Organizational Strategy (how to set up...
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    How to track where the sales come from?

    Hi guys, I'm new with Clickbank and made 2 sale last week. I am very happy. But I am wondering the way to track the sales: where customers from? geography, which backlink bring them to my site? I have tried to use event tracking of Google Analytics but I dont know why when I insert the code...
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    What is the best CPA network for Asian traffic?

    I have a niche that is only attract Asian traffic (Malaysia (70%), Indonesia, Singapore) :( I am using CPALead but the lead rate is too low, 30 clicks but no leads. Can anyone give me a solution?