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    Starting a business?

    Hello Blackhatters! So I recently started my own little business/service. I don't want to reveal the niche all too much but it's a high quality service. I don't want to run a ecommerce site but rather have direct contact with my clients, it feels more serious and professional than having...
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    Downloads for an app?

    Hello fellow BHWers! So a friend of mine recently made an App that's out on Google Play. Now, he wants my help to promote it. Sadly, this is deep water for me. He has no problem with money so he can buy downloads, but he hasn't found a provider. Anyone have any suggestions? He wants the...
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    Ads and Clickbank..

    Hello! So I am currently experimenting with Clickbank a tad. I managed to make some sales using classified ads. But I do have a question regarding it. How can I more easily submit classified ads? It takes like fifteen minutes to make ONE ad on ONE site, so I was wondering if anyone knows any...
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    Sellin my new e-book?

    Hey there Black Hatters! So I finished my new e-book today. But I am new in the area so i need some help. I paid pretty hefty price for a website and domain. But it doesn't look that amazing. But my question is, is there some way to easily sell ebooks without spending money? I know about...
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    Need help with a new fanpage.

    Okey so I just got contacted by a affiliate friend of mine. He is getting into the business and wants me to be the test subject. He promised around 1500-5000 likes to a fanpage of my choice. Real people. That does sound good, but what should I get into? Since they're not geotargeted nor...
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    Tips for my new blog!

    Hello fellow Black Hatters! So I recently opened a new blog, a swedish one. It basically puts out exclusive coupon codes and reviews items from those companies. So my question is, what would you recommend for easy traffic? I am not new to this but I usually go with other niches or have...
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    Need a good PPC network.

    Do tell if you have a better idea than me. So a few days ago I started another blog (On blogspot). It's a swedish blog. Instead of CPA I decided on a casual blog. I update it 2-5 times a day about news and such. It's a new blog so it's not getting much traffic yet. So I was wondering, what...
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    A new idea?

    So I got this idea while using popups. What if you used a CPA network that makes you money by people just getting on the site, but you use a blog for it? You have a blog, have a popup on it and the blog automatically redirect you to the site? Would it work? Anyone that has any ideas for it...
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    Network with popups?

    Alright so I run a blogspot blog with a decent amount of traffic. I currently make around 70 dollars a month using CPA, but I want to expand on that money. Since only a rough 3% of my traffic downloads from the site, I was thinking I could monetize on the 97% that don't. So, what network is...
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    Monetizing on my videos?

    Alright so I am into a few different methods of IM to try them out. I am deeply passionate about Comedy. So I uploaded a few videos and they're going pretty well, a very targeted niche as well. Problem is, how do I monetize on this? I can't really think of any type of offers fitting for the...
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    Help on my Tumblr/Pinterest method.

    Alright, so I recently conquered a niche on a blog I made. I earn about 50-90 dollars a month. Quite good right? Sadly I cannot expand in my niche and the earnings wont really go any higher. So I wanted to check out some different methods of earning some money. I use tumblr daily for my current...
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    Blog in huge niche?

    Hello folks. So I was thinking about blogging a bit. I have a pretty popular Swedish blog already but it's in a niche where I can't market sadly. So it's not even in a niche I guess.. Anyway, I was thinking about making a gaming blog. I could record while I'm playing something, rewrite gaming...
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    Non-US blog?

    Hey again. Long time since I visited last. I was out of the marketing business for a while but I am interested in getting back into it. Mostly because I am getting fucked over here by the government. As a student I am kinda giving up doing anything properly in English as my english is...well...
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    Humor blog

    So I started a humor blog. getting decent amounts of traffic (all between 50-250 a day) but my question is how I should monetize? Not by CPA as noone would bother with a survey to read jokes and look at funny videos/pics. I currently have Chitika ads on it (CPM/CPC) but no clicks as no one on a...
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    Geez, way to screw me over.

    Hello. So I need new CPA network suggestions, I checked the No-phonecall list and applied for some, but I need suggestions on some that are ACTIVE. Checked both CpaPath and AdscendMedia, 8/10 offers are freaking outdated and thus do not give money, without even telling us. Several on Adscend...
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    For those who didn't see this..

    Andy Jenkins is just plainly fucking amazing. Free video marketing stuff. His latest video is about how to create viral videos. I thought this might be interesting for you guys;
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    PLR articles?

    I have about 10000 PLR articles, now my question is how can I market them, or sell them? Any good places? I have no budget so can't set up a PLR membership site.
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    Alright I got this small idea on how to earn easy smalltime income. I mean really small, at max maybe 100 a month, but that's more than I want. My question is, how can you easily get traffic to a..let's say blog? No niche, no target NOTHING. Just views. I got an idea, and if I get some tips and...
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    Blogger + CPA = No

    Seriously what the F? So I've always been using Blogger blogs for CPA. But now lately when i try adding a javascript module for a CPA gateway, they shutdown my blog for "Malicious Javascript", automatically. Blogger Support refuses to answer me so I am asking you, what do I do? I've always done...
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    How to hide content?

    So when making a fanpage (Which already confuses me) how can I hide content so that they have to like the page before they can see the rest?