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    ██ Complete Amazon Affiliate Websites I Native Content I Paid Themes & Plugins I Starts @ $18 ██

    Please Send samples and coupon. I'm interested in having about 50 sites made. Do you offer large quantity discounts? Samples sent to all. Please check your inbox. TAT is 8 to 12 Business Days Kindly mention your requirements on mail without fail What we need from you? 1. Once delivered...
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    ||| AMAZON Sale Page Management Service - SEO & SEM Services for Your AMAZON Sale Page |||

    Also how many products/Skus can I target with each package? I have over 200 skus and in many cases multiple skus/sizes for the same product.
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    Does this work for Amazon listings? Are you linking to deep pages or just the homepage, just a single page?
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    ||| AMAZON Sale Page Management Service - SEO & SEM Services for Your AMAZON Sale Page |||

    Hi There, Is this still active? Are there any discounts? Are the prices/work the same as when you launched this? Thanks! Ryan
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    Wanted: Facebook Marketing Expert

    Wanted: Facebook Marketing expert to build brand and create dark posts and ads.
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    ★★ THE SPEED RANK TEAM ARE BACK ★★ Premium Niche Edits at Affordable Prices ★★

    Can you use with Pharmaceutical Sales? That is promoting a legit Canadian Pharmacy website.
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    Amazon Verified Reviewers Wanted

    Hi There, How much do you charge for the service? Thanks!
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    Amazon Verified Reviewers Wanted

    Thanks for all the replies and messages guys! I'll get back to you over the next few days. Also I wanted to mention we are also paying $5 for unverified reviews. I can also write the reviews and in some cases depending on the product would prefer to. So in most cases you'll just be pasting the...
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    Amazon Verified Reviewers Wanted

    Yeah will have to be US only.
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    Amazon Verified Reviewers Wanted

    Hi Guys, So put simply we need some more reviews for our amazon products. We sell herbal extracts and ideally would like people who are genuinely interested in natural health, bodybuilding, supplements who will actually try the products. We would give you a 100% discount coupon and pay you $10...
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    #1 Review Writing+Posting Service AMAZONGOOGLE PLACES 100% Unique Customized review (Approved)

    Hi There, Very interested in this with Verified Purchase Amazon Reviews. Please let me know how we can start the process! Thanks! Ryan
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    Cool Graphic Sales Page

    Hey Guys, I was just wondering as there are so many awesome looking sales pages on this forum for various services. Is there a service or a person who can design a graphic sales page for the purpose of going on one of my websites. I'm seeking out services for this or freelancers who design...
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    ★★ THE SPEED RANK TEAM ARE BACK ★★ Premium Niche Edits at Affordable Prices ★★

    Can this save a site that has disappeared from Google since Penguin?
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    Companies that remove your bad links from other sites?

    I've heard others say the same thing. Can you elaborate a bit? As I respect your opinion as you really seem to understand things. What is this "disavow" tool really doing besides giving Google Free info... In your opinion?
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    UniqueBlend {Spintax|Spin Syntax} Articles - BULK SPINTAX CONTENT for Article Marketing!

    Hi There, Will these work on Kijiji? So I can repost the same ad repeatedly in different cities without getting caught? As well is there a discounted rate for short content? Since most ads would be 50 words or less. Thanks!
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    72 Lessons Learned Over 12 1/2 Years Of Being In IM

    I loved this line b. "Original, valuable, but INCOMPLETE content will always get visitors to your website." -Jimmy D. Brown.
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    TheRankingGuys, a One Stop Boutique SEO Service Offered By Wannabie and Basstrackerboats

    Hey Guys, I tried submitting a site to be reviewed at least a couple months ago. I never heard back. If a site doesn't qualify for whatever reason do you still let us know? I'm ranking #1 on Bing, Yahoo and no where to be found on Google, so I'm curious if you guys can help my site or not...
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    Pin Tweet SEO Booster - Dominate Google Panda & Penguin in Affordable Price

    How is this for eliminating a Penguin Penalty?
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    VitaRank - Get #1 in Google! Panda & Penguin Safe! Amazing Results! - 10 KEYWORDS

    What if my site was hit hard. I mean 12k visitors/month pre April and now about 3k if I'm lucky. All major KW I used to be #1-#3 are not in the top 100. Is there any chance this can work? Has anyone else had their money KW vanish completely due to Penguin and return with this alone?
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    G-POINT Great LINK Diversity & Proven Results • Beat Penguin!10 Keywords!Quality SEO

    Just ordered, super excited! Haven't touched any SEO since Penguin! This seems like a good start, hope its better quality than all those Fiverr gigs I used to buy : s