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    Intentionally Breaking My Silo Structure?

    I have three silos, two of which I am monetizing. The third is for relevance and clients like to see it. The first two silos have a strict structure. However, for the third silo and its subpages (just resources), I am tempted to link to the other two silos and their subs (when relevant). This...
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    Adding Blog to Authority Site w/ Silos (Flat or Silo Structure For Blog?)

    Hey, i've done some searching, but haven't found anything satisfactory. My main site is 80 pages broken into 3 main silos. I want to create a blog with ~80 pages too. The content is not appropriate for main silo subpages, but is still relevant. Should I create three blog silos to mirror the...
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    Anonymous US LLC for $149

    I form anonymous LLCs in the US. I don’t have a fancy graphic, but I encourage you to ask questions here. I have formed over a thousand companies and am happy to share my expertise. PM me for my site as it won’t be posted here. If you have a location independent company, then you have freedom...
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    Analyze This Dance

    I don't have many terms at #1, so i'm wondering if this dance is normal or a sign of terrible things to come: I jumped from ~15 to between 1-3, but every few days it drops to 200. I've had a few of my keywords for this page do it since some link building at the end of...
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    Silo Method Question (Swear I Searched First)

    I'm starting from scratch and have 5 services, 3 of which im trying to rank. The other two the clients should see I have and I can post many articles (thus bumping my page count). The three rankables are are related. Each is "state & product name" - note my clients are 99% out of state so this...
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    Merchant Processing

    My company assists with forming companies in the US. I have international clients in, usually high risk, industries. For purely e-commerce there is Stripe and 2checkout. However, they don't allow for over the phone orders. FWIW, these clients usually sell health products. Does BHW have any...
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    Get that Tier 1.5 Game Going

    So I get on Fiverr and I meet a guy who's a good salesman, plus im an idiot. Next thing you know I own a account for $150 - because that's a wayyy better deal than buying posts individually. Except then I realize I cant create posts from the same account to all my MS cause...
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    Is Changing 25 PBN from http --> https ok?

    Hey yall. I added SSL to my site. I 301'd everything, but this obviously doesn't pass along all the link i want to update my PBN links to the https. If I do this for 25 links, though, will it cause any problems or has Matt Cutts gotten inside my head and made me paranoid? Thanks!
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    Exact Match Anchor (did i mess up?)

    I purchased a PR release here and used the keywords I was targeting. Now, the PR links are a bulk of my links and of course my exact match is sky high. I know exact match should be low ~5%... All the links are obviously from duplicate content (since its a PR) so will this count against me as...
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    Tier 1 question...

    Sorry if this isn't the right spot. Admins please move if not. I have begun acquiring expired domains, putting up content, linking etc. Obviously my Tier 1 and Money Site need to be relevant. I purchased some links to boost TF/CF for my Tier 1 and help them get indexed. Then I ran my Tier 1...
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    Hey. I dabbled in SEO 6 years ago and am back at it. Wow. Things have changed. Lots of fun new stuff to learn :)