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  1. KHer0

    (Proof+Help) FreshDrop Scam:They have been Stealing PPL Money for +5 Years without getting Caught!

    If you are going to use either google or BHW to search for new Expired Domains, you will find this service name mentioned A LOT! So, I thought I should post this thread into BHW for all future members and hope it will rank to google, making as much fuzz as it can. Here we have a really big...
  2. KHer0

    Your Checklist to Success: Building Time Proof PBN

    With Google updates every 1 - 2 months, and Serps not making sense anymore. PBN remain the bulletproof way to maintain your ranking. In 2009 - 2012 era, the main fight was about Spamming tools (Xrummer --> Senuke --> Scrapebox --> GSA ) and Spun Content. Now, the fight has evolved into PBN...
  3. KHer0

    [Ahrefs Troll!]Matt Cutts offers his SEO services Worldwide now after leaving google!

    Hey I was doing some Kw research on ahrefs when a blog post got my intentions. As I started reading and thought this worth sharing :) Apparently, Matt Cutts offers his services worldwide and charges just $500-$1,000 per month. Anyway here is the source And the article as I think beside Matt...
  4. KHer0

    Higher Serp Positions = Lower Conversions !!!

    Well, I don't know if this is a question or informational thread, but I believe it will benefit most. I got some very competitive keywords in very high converting niche ranking for position 7 most of the time. It has been like that for ages and I always got like 60% clicks on the CTA button...
  5. KHer0

    Making money from Niche website about Bitcoin ?

    Hey guyz, I was surfing my Facebook today and found many people asking about bitcoin on a technical page. Anyway, I made a quick keyword research and found good amount of people interested about knowing all things related to cryptocurrency.. buying, mining ...etc So, I can build a niche...
  6. KHer0

    [BH] Google Gets $2.7 Billion Fine for Manipulating Search Results

    Google has just lost its biggest regulatory battle! Google has been hit with a record-breaking $2.7 billion (€2.42 billion) fine by the European antitrust officials for unfairly manipulating search results since 2008. After a lengthy seven-year investigation that was launched in 2010 after...
  7. KHer0

    ShadowBroker's announce subscription service for their next Zero-Days!

    Looks like the group responsible for WannaCry, and many other worldwide cyber attacks is preparing their next package of zero days for those willing to pay. The subscription service is 21,000$ / month. Here is their announcement: ========================================= Welcome to...
  8. KHer0

    Anyone Google crawler lag? No index for new articles?

    For the last 2 months I have been experiencing pretty weird crawler indexation for all of my websites. I know how to write content that ranks and how to create quality websites, but it's the first time I have seen this. The crawler visits the fresh website and indexes all articles on it. Cuz...
  9. KHer0

    [Case Study] 4 Millions organic traffic/month within 13 months!!

    I read a very interesting post 2day about Content, Backlinks and how much time does it take to rank. So, google really have those major outlines against spamming we all know about. Content is King and don't spam your website or you will get panelized! Well, think again was...
  10. KHer0

    [PROOF]Let's End This Content VS Backlinks BS** +25K of Organic Traffic from CONTENT ALONE

    Hey, here is KHer0, I have been in BHW for a long time. Actually, it's the only place I hang on. I don't make a lot of threads as I am more of a reply guy Anyway, there is a new propaganda in the forum about Ranking with Content alone, Ranking with Backlinks, Content matters, Backlinks is the...
  11. KHer0

    --> KHer0's Authority Site, Full Passive Income & Fast with My own Twists <---

    Introduction Hey, here is KHer0. I hate introductions so let's just get in the topic, shall we.. In this journey, I will show my way to create Authority sites. What is Authority sites ? Do you know when you do keyword research for a specific Niche and find a site that ranks for almost...
  12. KHer0

    Newbies,This Why most of you Fail -You Still Can if You Believe

    I have recently seen many threads of starters trying and trying and Always fails They had come to the Conclusion that IM is a Myth. The Can't figure out What is Wrong ! This Why you Fail .. Just between you and yourself. Do you even Believe in what you are Trying to Achieve .. ?! In...
  13. KHer0

    Finally... Paypal in egypt :d

    Well, I know its not a big deal for most but I really want to share this moment with you. People who faced the problem of Paypal doesn't support their country and they are IMer's Would know How I feel !! Really, I would lose over 12% for money transfers with the risk involved. 90% of sellers...
  14. KHer0

    [Help] Authority Site Keyword Research - Market Samurai ... !

    Okay, I decided to go the Niche Authority Way... And faced something I want your opinion about... - Using B2B Way for keyword research which I like a lot But I decided to use Market Samurai... - I...
  15. KHer0

    [help] BHW load without any formatting :(

    Well, No one have any idea how much it took me to write this thread. Finding my way in non-format site really sucks. What is weird it only happens with BHW. All other sites are just working GREAT!!! Any Suggestion? and of course here is a pic
  16. KHer0

    [Help] Which line to modify - Very simple problem :(

    Well , I know this is very simple problem but I can't remember which thing to change to make two things in the same line Let me explain in photos to make it easier If this is the situation now I want to move the main-menu to be next to the Logo. Like this There was ad in the place of...