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  1. cloakit

    Google Ads Reviewer Tracker

    Hi there ! What's you're best suggestion to start tracking and fingerprinting Manual reviewers. The thread title is about Google Ads, but the question could also be about FB and others. What are the most interesting things to look at in order to identify them better. 1 - How to make sure to be...
  2. cloakit

    What Wordpress Plugin would you pay for and that doesn't exist yet ?

    Hi Is their a Wordpress Plugin that you would be ready to pay for and that doesn't exist yet ? or a plugin that already exists but it's not satisfying enough.
  3. cloakit

    Clockit is here, can you see me ?

    Hi everyone, I've heard that BHW is a spammer's nest, I think it's a good place to be for me. Joke aside I know BHW from long time, I m in IM since 2007, I m sure i can help and find some help and some bh inspiration here. See you soon