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  1. jock3r

    My products, your traffic - this could go somewehere

    Hey i'm running an online store with handmade products, but sales are not going very well even if i have some traffic. if is anybody interested in collaboration let me know. I can give up to 15% commission p/sale for each product, or we can discuss about it. Sorry if it's the wrong section.
  2. jock3r

    Powerlikes on instagram

    If anybody offers this service send me a pm, I might be interested! I think i've posted in a wrong section but I don't know how to move this to: "HIRE A FREELANCER"
  3. jock3r

    Selling my products using in Affiliate Marketing

    Hi, I would like to sell my products(jewelry/handmade products) using Affiliate Marketing, paying by commision(10-15% for each product), can you recommand me what will be the best way or maybe someone from BHW can recommand me if they offer this service? Thanks!
  4. jock3r

    I need some articles about jewellery - handmade products

    Hello, I need some good articles about jewellery - handmade products, they have to be unique and seo friendly, if you think you might help me with this, please send me some samples(if it's possible related to what i need) and your price. Thanks!