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  1. AmberJones

    My Youtube traffic + Your music for copyright claim

    Note: Only for an honest partner. This channel used to be monetized until last year when it got hit with reused content. since then I never really uploaded that much since I got busy with other channels, a blog. and some web development clients I thought I could still make money with it. I...
  2. AmberJones

    130K unknown indexed pages?

    I just bought a new domain and put it on a search console and left it for 2 months but when I came back and checked, lo and behold its got 130k indexed links but not submitted in the sitemap. It even has a few thousand impressions and dozens of clicks to pages that the previous owner made and...
  3. AmberJones

    My pages are gone

    I changed from Cloudflare to Hostgator and all my pages are gone. I cant think of what I did wrong I think I did them right from the hosting and domain. But if I change it back to Cloudflare then my website appears.
  4. AmberJones

    Real traffic?

    I started the blog 3 days ago with only 5 posts and my Cloudflare analytics looks like this. Are they bots or real human visitors, its just impossible to have a visitor to a 3-day old blog with no links
  5. AmberJones

    Auctioned domain

    HI, Im really new to domains and I just got my domain expired and it says it is auctioned by godaddy for a 1800 dollars where I bought it for just 15 bucks. My question is,I s it a reasonable price coz they estimated it like $1800. Will I get money from it if someone buys it? Sorry, Im newb at...
  6. AmberJones

    Youtube manual review for monetization

    FINALLY, you tube sent me an email saying they are going to review my channel manually for monetization within days because it already reached 4k hour watch time and 1k subs. The problem is out of 1000 vids, I got like 100 copyright claims (not strike). Could you recommend if I should delete...
  7. AmberJones

    Anyone wants a Moz Pro free for a month?

    it's really not much but just comment here
  8. AmberJones

    can youtube account be approved if....

    can my youtube monetization be approved if some of my vids are like girls or boys punching each other? I mean not all vids, I have vids that are for children and some promote green eco.
  9. AmberJones

    Does my SEO being affected if I change my hosting?

    What if I cant login to my hosting anymore, I wish it's not gonna happen but I am just thinking what I would do next if it does happen. Would it affect my links or ranking if I would go to other hosting? I mean migrating my files to another hosting, so that would mean different IP right?
  10. AmberJones

    How much addmefast pints do I need to sell it $5?

    I have read you can sell addmefast accounts but I just dont know how many point I need to at least sell some $5 or $10 and the rest I am gonna use for my other personal ventures. Any idea?
  11. AmberJones

    I this keyword good enough?

    I just want your thoughts about this regardless if its makable or not 2 words long monthly search = 300k + keyword difficulty = 11 entertainment niche
  12. AmberJones

    are these figures ok for a blog or affiliate site?

    First of all I want you to know that I am very new to IM and I read about making money blogging and they say to search for a good keyword with an ample amount of search. But i find it difficult to since I dont know which one is good enough or not. I would just ask you honest opinion if this...