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  1. Jefe12

    How can I contact amateur porn actresses?

    Hi, I'm trying to contact porn actresses from my country to sell them my services, but I can't find a suitable way to do it I've sent dm on twitter, I've commented on recent posts, but nobody talked to me, is there any effective way to talk to actresses? Thank you!
  2. Jefe12

    The worst video i saw on facebook (270m views)

    I still don't understand why the video has so many views
  3. Jefe12

    I think this guy creates accounts every day to pump his thread

    almost all posts are from people with new accounts and with 1 post @BassTrackerBoats
  4. Jefe12

    Free hosting +free domain + free sll

    Fee domains Fee hosting Free sll
  5. Jefe12

    Paypal with one of the worst ratings on Trustpilot

    Paypal is the favorite payment processor of many and with one of the worst scores on trustpilot.
  6. Jefe12

    Best 400 Free Tools & Free Resources For Digital Entrepreneurs

    I found it on Facebook, I hope it helps you 400 Free Tools and Free Resources For Entrepreneurs and Startups FREE WEBSITE HTML5 UP: 46 Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 site templates. Bootswatch: 20 Free themes for Bootstrap. Templated: 17 A collection of 845 free CSS & HTML5 site templates...
  7. Jefe12

    Living in a Metaverse

    If this is the future, I want to go back to the past
  8. Jefe12

    What things cannot be changed in antidetect browser?

    I'm changing a lot of settings in my antidetect browser, but then when I scan it with , I see quite a few things unchanged and that worries me What things cannot be changed in antidetect browser? and what settings are the most important to change?
  9. Jefe12

    Portugal NHR program to pay less taxes

    Hi, I am thinking of moving to Portugal for the nhr program, (to pay less taxes), I currently live in Spain and 40km from Portugal, does anyone know the requirements to pay taxes in Portugal?
  10. Jefe12

    Facebook Groups Spam is Over

  11. Jefe12

    Chat traffic not allowed, solution

    I want to send traffic to an affiliate offer but it does not allow chat traffic, and I dont want to redirect the traffic to a social media network with the link in bio, can I use a landing page or 301-redirect to not be tracked?
  12. Jefe12

    Mike Tyson vs Logan Paul

    Will Logan Paul have a chance to win?
  13. Jefe12

    Subforum for SMM Panel

    Every time I enter the social media subforum to search for account offers and antidetect browsers, a saturation of SMM panels appears that prevents me from finding what I am looking for Social media subforum:
  14. Jefe12

    What antidetect browser do you use?

    Please help, I don't know which one to use
  15. Jefe12

    Hight quality proxies

    How to know if an IP is good or bad quality ( blacklist) I want to use hight quality ip for my valuable accout but I don't know how to identify between good and bad proxies Please help
  16. Jefe12

    Help i am getting %99 cpu on my wordpress website

    Help I am getting %99 CPU on my WordPress website and I can't log I am getting This website cannot be accessed Please check for a typing error. If it's spelled correctly, try running Windows Network Diagnostics. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN
  17. Jefe12

    Any Telegram service for instant views for my channel?

    Help i want instant telegram channel views
  18. Jefe12

    Uk government message

    You are under the rest. Oh no!