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  1. nematoda

    Spanish Links

    Hi , Not sure if the right place to post this question. Not sure If anyone here has Spanish blog network. I have a Spanish client, and we need links from Spanish blogs. Where can I get some link pls ?
  2. nematoda

    Ranking Question - Please Help!

    Hi, hope everyone is doing fine. Here is my problem below. I noticed my homepage is ranking for keywords that I have targeted in my blog post which I think it's won't bring value to the reader as they won't get their final destination where the real information is located. The funniest thing I...
  3. nematoda

    Old site to Silo Structure

    Fellow blackhat. I need your help on changing old site to silo structure, is there any way I can do this. Thanks
  4. nematoda

    Payment Gateway - Please help

    Hello guys, What's up! I'm looking for a payment gateway that will work with my woo-commerce site. Am just starting, please recommend me the cheapest and affordable one. I'm only selling within Costa Rica. Appreciate your response. Gracias.
  5. nematoda

    Celebrate with Me!! oeee oee oeee Tico Ticoooooooooooo

    Celebrate with Me!! oeee oee oeee Tico Ticoooooooooooo
  6. nematoda

    Any spanish guy here

    Hola! Any Spanish keyword ranking expert here.. Need some help please.. Gracias
  7. nematoda

    Wordpress Plugin Help

    Gooday guys, I have been searching reviews on Yoast Video SEO plugin and Wordpress Social SEO booster Pro but not satisfy with what I found. Do you use any of these plugin ? kindly share your experience.. Thanks..
  8. nematoda

    Wordpress Theme Membership

    Warm greetings, Can anyone suggest me Wordpress theme membership for blogging, I have been looking at Themejunkie...any other one ? Thanks..
  9. nematoda

    Did Google just Roll out a New Update

  10. nematoda

    Scrapebox proxy help

    Please does proxy make scrapebox comment faster or it's all depends on the internet connection ? Please fellow blackhatters..
  11. nematoda

    Any cough remedy product here?

    Please i need drop shipping for cough remedy product.. any have idea of affiliate that does this..thanks for you help
  12. nematoda

    Best Video sharing script

    Blackhat brother.. can you recommend me Best Video sharing script you know .. don't mind paying for it.. thanks :)
  13. nematoda

    Is anyone still using social monkee?

    Please any review on this..consider in paying for the service.. your experience on this will be highly appreciated. Thanks
  14. nematoda

    Social Monkee Premium Membership

    Hi Blackhat brothers and sister, Warm greetings.. I need referrals to get premium membership on social monkee, please signup to get an account at the following link. People said Social Monkee is good for linking juice.. Help me with this...
  15. nematoda

    BHW, Please Help

    Blackhat Brothers and Sisters, I have been working on this spanish site days and nights, building back links to it.. the site is 15 days old now..whenever i checked the backlink to the site it always said NO BACK LINKS TO YOUR SITE.. Please help me, anyone had this experience targeting...
  16. nematoda

    Becareful of Godaddy 1usd Coupons

    Please be careful to use this coupon, especially ( President ) i used it sometimes ago ..later GoMummy started charging me for Website Tonight subscription which is not included when i ordered the domain.. ....when i called them ..the rep said i have purchase the domain for 1usd via...
  17. nematoda

    Godaddy User

    My fellow BHW, I was thinking many people here use godaddy domain more than a year.. or more.. For example.. Let say you purchase godaddy domain with coupon and you paid 2$ for the domain for a year... After that year.. How much Godaddy is going to charge you.. I was just wondering how much...
  18. nematoda

    Cheap Domain and Where to host

    My BHW from Different mothers.. Where can i get Cheap Domain Names and Cheap Reliable Hosting. I will really appreciate your time for contributions and suggestions. Thank you :)