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  1. Stitches and Burns

    Growing my tech blog to $20,000 per month

    Hello guys, I'm back again with a new journey. My goal is to grow my tech blog to $20,000 monthly revenue. I had two previous journey threads with the same blog which you can read here and here. I was able to grow my blog from scratch to more than 1 million pageviews and $5,000 monthly income...
  2. Stitches and Burns

    Yet another niche site journey to $5,000/month

    Hello BHW, I'm here again with another journey, this time to grow my new backyard and gardening blog to $5,000 a month. I recently concluded my journey to grow my tech blog to $5,000 a month and I'm ready for a new challenge, this time in a totally different niche. I'm not yet bored of writing...
  3. Stitches and Burns

    How to Earn $$$ During the Quarantine as a Middleman

    I see lots of threads from mostly newbies asking how to make money during this crisis. Indeed it's tough to make money especially that most people are not spending money like they used to. If people ain't spending money, then it's hard for you to make money too. I hope I won't look like I'm...
  4. Stitches and Burns

    Free Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Yay Images

    Use the coupon code YAYHELP to get 3 months of free stock photos and vectors. Go to the YAYIMAGES website. You can susbcribe for the MAX plan which gives you 200 images per month. Normal price is $99. Requires a valid credit/debit card though. You can cancel after 3 months if you don't want...
  5. Stitches and Burns

    Growing my tech blog to $5,000 per month

    Hello once again, I'm back with a new journey, this time to build my blog to $5,000 a month. First of all, I would like to thank the fine people of BlackHatWorld. I've learned a lot of stuff not only about blogging but also SEO, writing, digital marketing. Without BHW I don't think I would have...
  6. Stitches and Burns

    Guest post offer

    A UK company offered me $60 for a guest post on my blog. Should I accept it? Would it have a negative effect on my blog? It has a DA of 30 and 80k visitors a month.
  7. Stitches and Burns

    My Journey to $1,000 a Month From Blogging

    Hi BHW. I'm a freelance writer and web designer from some third world country. Currently I'm doing writing and editing at home for a US company. I had a web design business before but shut it down due to high expenses. So now I'm trying my hand in blogging hoping that it will supplement or even...
  8. Stitches and Burns

    Upwork Reviews Needed

    I'm looking for someone who can provide Upwork reviews. I will give you the project info and you will post it, then award me the project. Then I will pay you the project fees plus $10 for your trouble. Only those with aged Upwork accounts. Those with existing reviews will be preferred. Please...
  9. Stitches and Burns

    Anybody quit Facebook here?

    Just want to know if anybody quit Facebook and what effect it did.
  10. Stitches and Burns

    Easy $5

    $5 to anyone who can tell me why the text in the front page of my blog is fuzzier (less sharper) than the text in posts. PM me your answer. Paypal only.
  11. Stitches and Burns

    How to avoid copyright strike?

    Hi how do I avoid a copyright strike? I see a lot of videos in my chosen niche that stay up, while some of mine gets taken down. Is there a way to edit a video to avoid a copyright claim? Like darkening the sides? I'm not using copyrighted music BTW, just the video.
  12. Stitches and Burns

    How can I become a Junior VIP?

    I want to make a sales thread here in BHW but it requires a Jr. VIP account. How can I achieve that? Do I need to pay for that? If I reach the posts requirement, does it instantly become a Jr. VIP?
  13. Stitches and Burns

    I got $50 from Youtube on Adsense

    I checked my Adsense earnings for 2014 and I just found out that Youtube paid me $50 one time. I'm confused because my channel only had about 75,000 views. I checked my earnings there and it was a few dollars (or maybe it's wrong). Can anyone tell me how did this happen?
  14. Stitches and Burns

    Turn my website mobile friendly and responsive

    I need an expert to turn my website responsive and mobile-friendly. It runs on Osclass and uses a template so only a few files need to be edited. PM or post in this thread and I will give you the name of the website so you can take a look. Thanks!