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  1. thebotmaker

    Split notification dashboard for sellers / smarter notification management

    Currently, all alerts are shown in one central dasboard, the notification area: I saw a post where another seller said they were flooded with messages. This might already be planned for Marketplace 2.0, but the base of my suggestion is for a split...
  2. thebotmaker

    Save keyword after pressing advanced search

    It's a minor suggestion but when you type something into the search bar and press advanced search it could be useful if the keyword is saved.
  3. thebotmaker

    Need a UK Aged Linkedin Account

    Hi there, as the title goes I need an aged Linkedin account from the UK that can be used with no issues. Budget - Should be a few dollars or so for this? Let me know your prices, thanks.
  4. thebotmaker

    Scammed by buyer @Legitonuorah for $1000

    Proof the other party has been informed of this shit list: Proof of Contact: Summary of Dispute: I contacted him previously in regard to making a bot for Coinmarketcap, he asked for my Telegram and the bulk of the communication was done there. After we discussed the details, I started...
  5. thebotmaker

    Need Twitter V2 API Keys

    I need Twitter v2 API keys. Does anyone sell these? Thanks.
  6. thebotmaker

    Amazon Mturk JV: Your Mturk Worker account + My Worker

    Hello, I have a new offer available to people from the USA only. We have a worker who will complete the work on the MTurk account. All you need is an Amazon MTurk worker account. If you don't have one, please create one, send me a message and we can work together when it's approved. Please...
  7. thebotmaker

    Pin messages in a thread

    Sometimes important messages (such as thread updates for journey threads, sales threads, money making threads, etc) get buried in the sea of replies. How about a feature where you can pin messages in a thread and be able to view them separately?
  8. thebotmaker

    The U.S. Military Is Testing a Pill That Could Delay Aging

    U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM), the organization that administers America’s Spec Ops forces, says it will soon start clinical trials of an “anti-aging pill” that could halt some naturally degenerative effects of aging. “We have completed pre-clinical safety and dosing studies in...
  9. thebotmaker

    In 2030, You Won't Own Any Gadgets

    Owning things used to be simple. You went to the store. You paid money for something, whether it be a TV, clothes, books, toys, or electronics. You took your item home, and once you paid it off, that thing belonged to you. It was yours. You could do whatever you wanted with it. That’s not how it...
  10. thebotmaker

    Schedule Posts on BHW

    Imagine if you schedule posts on BHW? That would be cool :cool:
  11. thebotmaker

    England vs Denmark

    Who do you think is going to win? :) I think it could go either way.
  12. thebotmaker

    Make GUI's easily with Python

    So the point of this post is to show you an easy way to make GUI's with Python. This is one of the libraries that I use often as well. It makes it super easy in order to create your own interfaces compared to something like TKinter which is ancient (yet this GUI package is based on it ;) From...
  13. thebotmaker

    See all the threads you've created in a section

    It would be great if you could see all the threads you've created in a certain section / part of the forum like for example: Journey threads.
  14. thebotmaker

    [FREE] Bot Making Service

    I'll get to the point: I'm giving away a free bot making service. Rules: Limited to 3 ideas at a time only. After that I'll request for a mod to close the thread in the meantime. Bot cannot be too complex - keep it simple if possible. The bot idea must be posted here, after which the finished...
  15. thebotmaker

    It's my birthday

  16. thebotmaker


    Let's say someone made a post saying you should invest all of your money into bitcoin, and they put a disclaimer saying they can be held liable for the investment choice you made. You go and put all of your money into bitcoin. Does that mean that person can be sued for the choice they made and...
  17. thebotmaker

    Creating twitter accounts

    How hard is it to create twitter accounts? Do they get disabled easily? Thanks.
  18. thebotmaker

    Labels for bookmarks not working

    Yeah, it seems that the label feature for bookmarks is not working properly. It saves the bookmark, but without the label. I can only see one label when I've saved others from before :/
  19. thebotmaker

    Journey to £5000.00 building websites / selling leads

    Greetings my IM brothers! I think it's about time that I made this journey in order to hold myself to account. So.. what is my current plan? I'll be selling websites to businesses with old / ugly websites. I do the rework and then I contact them. Right now I am using Oxygen (WP), but you can...
  20. thebotmaker

    How to check a websites traffic?

    How would I check how much (let's say %) of desktop / mobile traffic a site gets? Thanks.