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  1. survivorghost

    Twitter Ads Missing Creative Tweets ❎❎❎

    I am trying to run ads on Twitter for the first time since I found more of my audience on Twitter than Facebook. When I create a campaign, I can't find my tweets when I reach the creative section. I search google and tried all the answers like change browser, disable adblocker... Nothing...
  2. survivorghost


    I am trying to run ads on Twitter for the first time since I found more of my audience on Twitter than Facebook. When I create a campaign, I can't find my tweets when I reach the creative section. I search google and tried all the answers like change browser, disable adblocker... Nothing...
  3. survivorghost


    I want to create an email for a website I don't have access to. example: [email protected] And I don't have access to hosting. I heard it was possible for personal website based on WordPress. But I don't know how. Can anyone shed some light on this? THANKS
  4. survivorghost


    So virtual verification numbers are no longer working for me, once I use them to create certain accounts, the account get suspended ASAP. I believe these numbers have been blacklisted. numbers from places like | | | ... and others. Question is, is there a...
  5. survivorghost

    SMS code recieving websites

    Hi I am looking for a good website that provides numbers for SMS code receiving. I have been using || But none of them delivers codes from all the websites and mostly they don't have numbers for many countries. Anyone knows any good alternatives to...
  6. survivorghost


    I have created a website to sell some digital products. But in order to run ads for those products I need to be authorized reseller, I need to provide a certain permit documents. Anyone knows where I can make a fake one? I tried secondeyesolution but they said they don't have such document...
  7. survivorghost

    software selling - Paypal alternatives

    Hello I have been selling digital software on eBay, License and keys ... But I would like to make my own store now, I have a problem with payment gateway since most don't accept or very sensitive when it comes to digital products. Paypal gets suspended very fast then the website get...
  8. survivorghost

    Affiliate networks options - Better than MaxBounty

    Hello I have been working with Maxbounty for some times now, They are good and have some offers. But I am not entirely satisfied. Lately I got a good traffic source, but it mainly focus on gaming, mobile gaming and apps precisely. however, Maxbounty does not provide much offers when it comes...
  9. survivorghost

    Find TaxID VAT online to launch ads

    Hello On a certain platform where I want to launch ads, TaxID/VAT is required. I don't have the TaxID/VAT, is there anyway I can find it online, same as finding SSN and other private information that can be used online.?? I tried many searches online with no avail, this forum is my last...
  10. survivorghost

    Bulk email sender -- affordable options

    I have about 1 million emails list, This is a very clean and valid email list, collect personally from websites where all these people personally subscribed. I though using this email list somehow can get me some dollars. Now I am trying to find the right email sender, an affordable option...
  11. survivorghost

    ✅ CPA Emailing 1 Million emails ✅

    I have a list of 1 millions emails. clean and all active real people. extracted from a website where these people have subscribed . So I imagined doing some CPA campaigns on this email list could turn very successful and profitable. So I got to the point of finding the right email sender, and...
  12. survivorghost

    ✅ Dropshipping Canada Solution❓

    I am working with a guy in Canada to build multiple drop-shipping stores on different niches. The stores will target Canadian people. It is a good chance for me, because we are doing 50% profit, and I am only investing my time and effort, where he invest money and any physical task that is...
  13. survivorghost

    Google Cloud RDP IP location

    I have a Google Cloud Platform account and I am using their RDP service ( Instances, they call them ) They provide a range of countries where you can open the RDP at. However when I check the IP location in the RDP, it is always a US IP, regardless if I am opening the RDP in Australia or...
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    While trying to find a solution to google ads account suspension, I found some people saying that USA google ads account do NOT accept bank account as a payment option. even tho the option is there, the payment will not be accepted. And maybe that is why my accounts get suspended whenever I try...
  15. survivorghost

    ⚪ GOOGLE ADS (Adword) ⛔ SUSPENSION ⛔

    In the past 10 days I've been struggling with Google ads, trying to start my campaign to no avail. every time I start a campaign I get a red message at top saying that The accounts has been suspended, due to suspicious payment detected. Now I know I am probably doing something wrong, but I...
  16. survivorghost


    I have recently acquired a 1M emails of real active people from the same country. And I'm currently not sure how I can monetize these emails, I though about CPA, but I don't have much experiences in that. Maybe there a something better! What do you think? what would you do with a 1M emails?
  17. survivorghost

    CPA + Pinterest Traffic ✔️✔️

    So I have this Pinterest account that drives about 2m traffic a month. I wasn't monetizing that traffic and then I decided to use CPA offers to make some money out of it. I got accepted in maxbounty and now I am trying to pin something and put the offers link with it, it says that link has...
  18. survivorghost

    CPA + Google ads: questions ❓

    So I got accepted in Maxbounty and I can see good offers that I can promote. When I decided to join, the main idea was to promote CPA offers using Google ads, but now after a bit of search around, I found people saying that Google doesn't accept CPA offers promoting, and they will shutdown the...
  19. survivorghost

    Facebook accounts [FAILURE]

    In the past few days, I've been trying to create Facebook accounts, but I've failed dramatically. Every time I create an account it only takes some hours to be faced with the "suspicious activity" notice, asking me to verify my Identity, after I upload a picture (not mine) the account gets...
  20. survivorghost

    Virtual bank account VBA recommendation

    Greetings I need to open a virtual bank account for verification, anyone can suggest a good VBA beside Payoneer?