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  1. sciita


    Still offering Canva? Can you share your pricing and salespage.
  2. sciita

    ✅ [] Bulk Do-Follow Contextual Links, 33% off for BHW Members

    Can I split 100 backlinks to 5 web2.0 properties? and I wouldl ike this: "For samples or a coupon please either post in this thread or PM me" Thanks!
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    [PBN EMPIRE] Premium Blog Reviews | The Ferocious Energy | High Metrics | Potent Links at $1.7

    Hi Do I place the test package? Also, can I provide you with the content? My client doesn't want my links in spun content. Thanks!
  4. sciita

    An GPT-3 Content Detector Tool

    Lol just tested an article I wrote (in literally 20 seconds) using wordplay and this tool says 99% real and 1% fake. I wrote another using the OpenAI custom model (DaVinci) and it says 99.7% real, and for 2nd article, it says 2% fake. I am going to ask for a refund. Funny thing is that they...
  5. sciita - AI Article Writer | Generate Articles in 1 Click That You Can Rely On!

    I would like to try it out. I have wordplay which I bought from appsumo. Really interested in testing and comparing the outputs. Thanks!
  6. sciita AI Writing Tools & Text Content Generation API

    I would like to give your tool a try. Is it powered by Gpt 3?
  7. sciita

    ⚡ Buy Google edu emails ⚡Affordable price ⚡ Cheap Prices ⚡ Fast Delivery ⚡ for Google Drive and Another Platform ⚡

    Hi, I need 1 edu email. Will you provide the edu email with a custom name and will it get me unlimited google drive? Thanks!
  8. sciita | SMM Panel | PayPal Accepted | +200 HQ Services | Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, Telegram

    Hi, I just created an account on your panel. Tried all cc and debit card options but every time transactions fail. Can u please activate my paypal. username on your panel: rkvps Also if possible pls add test balance. Awaiting your reply. Thanks!