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    Can someone help me figure this out?

    For the Vietnam market, In order to show your ad, the minimum bid is around 1500-1800vnd or 0.06 USD.
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    Which Parasite you suggest?

    I lost two accounts on Medium. My experience is each medium account you should post 2-3 articles, want to have more articles you create other medium accounts.
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    Enrich Your Brand Value With HighTechOcean Content Writing Services ($3.50 Per 500 Words)

    Pls, send me a sample (Prefer sunglasses or fashion if available) Thanks
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    Is getting backlinks to a new article immediately after posting risky?

    I used to add links before publishing the article, I do not see any problem yet.
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    How To Increase DA and PA without Paying anything

    Whithout paying, only option is to stick around with BHW to learn how to build the quality backlinks like this one.
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    Ahref report DR rank, it's weird

    My site is just 4 months old, it does not have traffic yet. main keywords are still page 3, 4
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    Ahref report DR rank, it's weird

    I think DR consider to the link quality, otherwise alot website with thounsands spamy links will get the high DR.
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    Why does this website rank on page 1 of Google?

    The rank page may have strong internal links and get help from high rank home page.
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    Ahref report DR rank, it's weird

    No, I did not use the expired domain. There are couple new backlinks came back in last months. In google console , it report around 800 backlinks from 75 domains Thanks
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    Ahref report DR rank, it's weird

    Just couple new links for the last two weeks.
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    Ahref report DR rank, it's weird

    It skyrockets from 12 to 52 over overnight while I had other website 13 years old , DR is just around 28.
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    Ahref report DR rank, it's weird

    It's something wrong with system or maybe image need to approve. I dont know. I verified, everything is fine. Thanks
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    Ahref report DR rank, it's weird

    Some thing is weird from ahref, my website is 4 months old, but ahref report DR 52. Is this true? DR 52, backlink 485, Refering domain 45
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    80% bounce rate means 80% leavers or 80% stayers?

    That means 80% people dont like your site, then they get out quickly.
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    Best alternative to

    I got many d0follow links from Medium. It seems that Google decide whether or not to follow.
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    Redirect 301 from foreign site- Is it worth in SEO?

    My website is shopify platform. I do not know how to use wordpress