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  1. smetch

    Need google maps scraper

    There are toys to scrape Google Maps /GMB Profiles and also the 'real thing'. See this BHW post that has a Covid sample dataset (old now) of a Google Maps Scraper to see if that is what you are maybe looking for.
  2. smetch

    ⭐Attention all sellers - BHW 12 Days of Christmas 2020!⭐

    Does this mean even if we signed up today to sell - i.e to become a blue Jr. VIP and post a listing on marketplace before some deadline (if so, what date?), such wont be possible, right?
  3. smetch

    [Guide] Unclaimed GMB Listings Creation Method

    So the only difference is that instead of waiting for google to verify the submission from their own sources (i.e company registries etc), instead you are doing a lookup on Gmaps for the exact address that triggers to force GMB to update the submission (but does not make it claimed, simply...
  4. smetch

    What is CID in GMB?

    To be exact: CID = 'cluster documentId' but yes same as either company or customer id.
  5. smetch

    ZennoPoster 5 - Automate any task in the Internet

    Good news. Hope its not just claim as is the case with ZennoDroid updated release.
  6. smetch

    Advise on blog site - subdomain per niche or not?

    Looking for some advise for SEO purposes. Since the domain to be used is a bit generic, is it best to isolate each niche within a subdomain (since google treats a subdomain as its own entity) or structure each niche with their own specific categories you think within the same domain...
  7. smetch

    Clarifying a rule on BHW

    Guys, Had a question related to rules, but newbie sections don't allow posting for me, so excuse me for asking here. Where is the best place to ask? Mods if you can, feel free to move it over: The Q: if a url link to a URL/test path is allowed to get get feedback on a web layout design &...
  8. smetch

    WordPress question

    Generate a child theme for your planned new theme, so you have the flexibility to make code changes and not break anything when you update the main theme files.
  9. smetch

    Photoshop vs Illustrator? What is better to learn.

    A friend is a graphic designer from the old days, doing print etc. Not web. He still does most in illustrator and has no need for photoshop for his type of work. Gradients, and all he can do in Illustrator. Now today with web, SVG's etc again you do in illustrator. Now if you need to start...
  10. smetch

    App suspended help

    Firstly, why was your app suspended. It was for a reason. Instead of thinking how to go around or sneak around the problem, why not fix your app issue? Then message them and link them to your new build and show them I have an update, here it is, if you could kindly re-activate my account. For...
  11. smetch

    How Do I Extract This List Using XPath?

    Chropath browser extension should help you and make your life easier too.
  12. smetch

    Mobile Marketing vs Email Marketing

    Quite different. Can you elaborate what you want to achieve or what your goal is? You want to focus on some set of tactics or have a task at hand?
  13. smetch

    PayPal limitations urgent help

    Paypal is limiting accounts that have USERS on Paypal USA account and asking for their US ID's. Absurd. 2 weeks and counting. Slow as .... for them to address these issues. Limiting to the extent - that clients can not even pay.
  14. smetch

    Payment Processor for Forex Signals

    Wondering, due to the name of your title, you actually maybe have an "Acquiring" license too?
  15. smetch

    Mailwizz vs MailChimp

    I recall there was a cheap hosted service (so you can self manage) for mumara or mailwiz called codermails with powerMTA too, that was for cold campaigns.
  16. smetch

    Favorite free fonts

    Nice - checking as we speak. btw: Anyone knows of any online tool for typography logotype design? i.e to adjust size, style per character (maybe eve kerning) to get the feel for the logotype (i.e logo with type) before going into actual detailed design phase using the proper tools. Most of...
  17. smetch

    Lots of traffic on a new site

    I'm sure some cloud providers would have some economical load balancers to add in front, so lets say you have one small instance to start and as you scale add more and cut them out when there is no traffic (based on some rules if possible). At least you have the LB to distribute traffic. Overall...
  18. smetch

    Photoshop vs Illustrator? What is better to learn.

    You first need to start learning vector work, illustrations etc. So must you start with illustrator to get the right foundations and then move to bitmaps.
  19. smetch

    Need your feedback on my logo

    You have variations of it? Not crazy over it. Some kerning adjustments maybe needed. Is it by a designer?
  20. smetch

    Best High Value, Low Volume Payment Processor

    Thats a high ticket price for cards / CNP. Risky too. Have you looked into option to convert some good amount of those via ACH or maybe bill them via so (that maybe they can better trust) to take it out via direct debit from their bank via ACH?