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    SEO newbie question

    Let's say I bought a domain name called What do i have to do to make it rank #1 when people search for Buy xbox360 for cheap ?? I am planning to use wordpress. I would really appreciate if you give me a link to the thread that teaches me how to rank a...
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    Got accepted by CJ! One question

    I got accepted by CJ and I applied for this one advertiser but I got rejected. I think i got rejected because i have not provided any of my websites. If i make a website that is targeted to the advertise's product and apply again, do you think they will accept me? D: Plese help me D:
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    How do i get approved by CJ???

    I do not have any website D: So when i signed up, i just put a random website link lool If i get rejected, can i try again after i make a legit looking website?
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    youtube comment spam

    Hi guys so i am trying to become a partner to youtube so i spammed my comments on other people's youtube videos to make people view my channel. Weird thing is i see the comment i posted on my browser but when i visit the youtube video that i posted my comment on using a different proxy, i do...
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    is web design a good career choice?

    hello guys :) so I am a sophomore (2nd year) at my college and I was wondering if web design is a good career choice to get into. I am asking this because i have to choose my major at my college next month and I am deciding whether i should get a degree in design or business.. What is the...
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    best cpa network for international traffic?

    omg.. im using cpa l-e-ad right now and my epc is 0.02 dollar. wow is there any cpa network that converts so well for international traffic? thx in advance :D
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    using yahoo answers??

    i was wondering if copying answers from yahoo answers as my blog post would decrease the rank of my site.. here is waht i wanna do. 1. i wanna create my own unique articles once a day since i am lazy 2. i wanna copy from yahoo answers mainly to increase my traffic. so i would have around 30...
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    is this considered as duplicate content?

    i have 2 contents and their names are 1.How to become thinner in 10 days 2.How to become thinner in 50 days they have slightly different informations and #2 is kinda longer. will i get penalized for this?
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    backlink for main site or posts?

    if i give backlinks to my main root domain, will my posts benefit from it too and rank high or only the main page?
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    seo question!!

    I will be using wordpress and I want to know which one of these 2 are better for seo? 1.Let's say title of my content is "how to lose weight" and on the keyword(tag), i put "how to lose weight fast" "how to lose weight in 1 day" "how to lose weight quickly" 2.I make a seperate content with...
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    wordpress without any seo plugin?

    Hi guys um i have one question.. when i was using seo plugins like all in one seo or platimum seo pack and others, my search engine position went down and only few of my posts got indexed.. so my question is .. is it ok if i use no seo plugin at all but just use the original wordpress only??
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    wordpress html help!!

    How do i place my adsense like one in associated content? I don't want it to be in very top left of the content but after 2 or 3 sentences..
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    does a site have to have a certain niche category??

    Before i ask the question, this is really a stupid question so plz understand that im a newb D: Ok .. so here is the question. Is it ok if i just buy a random domain name and post any niche article (ex: 30% on technology article/ 30% on game news and etc ) in it to make money out of it??
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    dupilicate content question?

    Lets say i wrote this one article which is copyrighted by me but someone comes over to my site and copies it and posts it in his blog. Then would I and he both get a penalty from google ?? If it is, then that sounds unfair for the original content owner D: Thanks in advance!
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    autoblog vs Legit blog?

    Which one is better for a person who is willing to spend long term ? Do you think it is better to build one legit blog with fresh unique content daily rather than making 10 or 20 useless garbage autoblogs where all the contents are copied..? Which one will rank high in google and which one do...
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    do they pay upfront for news article too?

    Do they pay upfront for technology news article..?
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    Do web designers need to know php too?

    I thought web designers only needed to know html and photoshop ?? My friend told me that i also need to know stuff like php and javascript and i was like wut!!? Aren't they for web developers only??
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    is it easy to reach 100 bucks a day with AC?

    Is 100 bucks a day in AC hard? Thanks
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    best ip changer??

    It can either be one time payment or monthly subscription.. Can you suggest me any good ip changer out there ? Thanks! :D
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    All in one seo plugin HELP!!

    What happens if i submit a post without filling out any of the all in one seo custom fields at the very bottom?