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    Google update again?!

    Search results are horrible now, its harder than ever to find what your searching for. Im seeing FAQ pages and Terms of Service pages rank on the first page for some keywords, other than that its amazon and ebay everywhere, some keywords amazon and ebay occupy the entire 1st or 2nd pages with...
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    What is going on with google?

    Expect to wait a few months for noticeable increased rankings after backlinks. I have been waiting over a month for the backlinks to take effect. And these are good links like huffington post, guardian, ny times etc and they got indexed within a few days, gsc shows them but they dont have any...
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    How to steal a competitors backlinks

    This is a method I have been using for the last year. It works most of the time. I have used it to get links from sites like huffington post, ijr, theguardian, nytimes etc. Step 1. Say your competitor has the domain, look to see if theres another version available, such as .org or .net...
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    Google update again?!

    Yes the serps have gone to crap, nothing but pinterest, ebay and amazon for most keywords. One of my target keywords and this is the top 5 results #1 amazon #2 amazon #3 ebay #4 pinterest #5 facebook group
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    Is my site just not old enough?

    I got a few of the links about 3 weeks ago, so around a week after creating the site. The rest have already been there for a while, probably a year
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    Is my site just not old enough?

    Domain #2 is brand new, domain #1 I registered a year ago but never built the site just had it redirected to one of my other non related websites
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    Is my site just not old enough?

    It ranked with just on page seo, not really a hard keyword to rank
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    Will subdomain carry root domain SEO

    Google says they look at a sub domain as a completely different website so you should use sub directories
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    Is my site just not old enough?

    So I created 2 sites on the same day in the same niche targeting the same keywords. Site 1 is ranking position #22 and site 2 is ranking position #23. The sites were created 4 weeks ago. For site 1, I managed to aquire about 6 backlinks from high authority sites such as theguardian, ijr...
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    Extremely low competition keyword

    you cant rely on any kw difficulty tool, they are all a complete joke
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    Starting a dating website, one question

    A nulled wordpress dating theme would work
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    Youtube Video Ranking- Questions

    I think its just over saturated there are a ton of rose related drawing videos so even when typing the exact title they are still showing other videos because they seem more relevant with the age/likes/comments
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    Youtube Video Ranking- Questions

    ''How to draw a rose'' is too broad of a keyword. Its not much different than google, you need to use easy keywords