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    Best Place To Hire C# (WPF) Coder for small(ish) Job

    Hi Guys, I am looking for someone to do a C#(WPF) application project for me, where would be the best place to get someone at reasonable rates. I dont know if anyone here does such things but if so PM me, if not where do you recommend Elance. etc ?? Cheers
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    How can you see you has gave you Neg Rep ?

    As title says can you find out who has given you neg rep I would say it didnt bother me but I am lying at it does I posted two things in a new thread that I thought were kind of fitting and this is what I get: hread: Gsa ser advanced project creation- spun article, document, video, keywords...
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    Italian IP <need urgently>

    As Above I need an Italian IP for today, they are like hens teeth not for any dodgy reasons just to watch football Scotland under 15s v Italy tried proxy goblin etc but only get 2 and they are super slow. Any one know where I can get one that has good speed as I need to watch Rai Sports. I know...
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    Advice Needed

    Hi Guys and Gals Looking for a bit advice. A friend of mine has recently told they will be made redundant not to bad you may think. But there really its a case of constructive dismissal, following on from other s**t that had happened. Now I would not normally get involved, but the employer is...
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    Deathbycaptcha down?

    Wonder if anyone else is having problems with Deathbycaptcha ? No matter what software I try it will not connect. Or if someone is connecting, there must be a problem with my pc but I will be buggered if I know what it is. So any help appreciated
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    Need Advice on some SEO

    Hi guys, Looking for advice from serious blackhatters. I have been asked to try and help move or destroy an url in google that contains the name of the client and is a bit of unsavoury article but the problem being is the article is correct, so it will not be removed by Google. They have...
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    Need help guys, will take 1 min of your Black Hat Time

    Hi guys looking for some people to carry out a survey for a website I had to complete for college. Its just a simple site, so looking for people to have a quick look and let me know I forgot all about this for the testing process, so I am in a bit of shit Thanks and rep added to anyone that...
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    Looking for MNS designer

    Ok what I need is a micro niche site flung up for someone, quickly I have been searching fiver but they all take days, its for my brother but I just cant be assed doing it, dont need articles etc but would like plugins I believe its the heatmap theme he likes So PM me and I will show you an...
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    [help] Quick question about niche website

    I was looking for a niche website and found one I quite like the only problem is that the articles the designer has put on them are from Enzine. its a great looking site but is it useless with just these articles on it not wanting to spend money then get hit for dup content or not ranked at...
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    strange but why does everything on BHW seem to have strikethrough any ideas ?
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    Need SEO help

    Here is the scenario.... I am quite a newbie at all this SEO and backlinking scenario but my friend has given me a website to try and get ranked for him. Its a wordpress shop scenario, after having a quick look I am uncertain on what to do with it ( I personally think the layout is shit). My...
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    Convert HTML to Worpress

    Hi guys, looking for prices to convert an XHTML/CSS (3 Page site ) to wordpress. I have tried Fiverr but no one answers. I want to keep the same theme if possible. PM me with answers or requests for details Thanks George
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    Scrapebox link checker busted ?

    Ok every time I do a blast I run the checker and everytime it comes up with no success but if I do a manual check of some of the posts 90% the comment is there. Any Ideas because I cant keep doing manual checks (its boring :p)
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    Newbie needs help!

    Hi forum Members, Right before I get started a few things about myself, I have recently just started getting into web development stuff and now have gotten the bug. I have been lurking in these forums, reading posts, downloading ahem stuff etc. but the one thing that I had not thought...