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    $100/day easy method

    -.- who would pay someone 100 to build the fb page when you can hire a 10 yrs old kid or even a monkey to do it for 5 dollars.
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    SEO newbie question

    Let's say I bought a domain name called What do i have to do to make it rank #1 when people search for Buy xbox360 for cheap ?? I am planning to use wordpress. I would really appreciate if you give me a link to the thread that teaches me how to rank a...
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    [CLOSED] YouTube Genius - The Smartest YouTube Marketing Software Ever Created!

    Hey OP ok so here is the question. Youtube recently made a change to the comment system. If I post 5 unique comments on gathered videos, they show up in my IP but when i check my comments using different proxy (I used hidemyass), they are all ghosted. I am able to see only first 6 to 10...
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    [EXCLUSIVE] Step-by-Step Method - Make 50$++/day Easily

    I have a question. If i like any stranger's comment on a fanpage, how do they know that i liked their comment? Based on what i know, they don't get any notification when someone likes their post/comment unless it is their friends
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    [CLOSED] YouTube Genius - The Smartest YouTube Marketing Software Ever Created!

    hey OP i sent you a pm. can u answer me?
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    $278 in 48 hours. Easy method, easy to upscale.

    I totally agree with u! The google alert is garbage.. I set it to "send me email as soon as there is new post" but when i go check out the posts, most of them were actually written about 2 to 4 days ago.
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    Got accepted by CJ! One question

    I got accepted by CJ and I applied for this one advertiser but I got rejected. I think i got rejected because i have not provided any of my websites. If i make a website that is targeted to the advertise's product and apply again, do you think they will accept me? D: Plese help me D:
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    Killer CPA Method - Large Blast Of Cash - $XXX-XXXX

    ooops double post
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    Killer CPA Method - Large Blast Of Cash - $XXX-XXXX

    I just posted with a domain and redirected my afflink as Godspeed said but guess what -.- Slickdeals post are pre modereated but admins have to approve it. I posted 2 and just got banned :0
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    Killer CPA Method - Large Blast Of Cash - $XXX-XXXX

    i tried this 2 years ago but it doesn't work. Becuz when you post amazon affiliate links on sites like slickdeals and fatwallet, the link's affiliate code gets replaced with slickdeal's one. For example, lets say ur amazon's aff link is this
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    How do i get approved by CJ???

    I do not have any website D: So when i signed up, i just put a random website link lool If i get rejected, can i try again after i make a legit looking website?
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    youtube comment spam

    Hi guys so i am trying to become a partner to youtube so i spammed my comments on other people's youtube videos to make people view my channel. Weird thing is i see the comment i posted on my browser but when i visit the youtube video that i posted my comment on using a different proxy, i do...
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    is web design a good career choice?

    hello guys :) so I am a sophomore (2nd year) at my college and I was wondering if web design is a good career choice to get into. I am asking this because i have to choose my major at my college next month and I am deciding whether i should get a degree in design or business.. What is the...
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    Youtube + adsense = quick $$$?

    Hey BlackWolf :D so after my monetized account got banned, i created another account and got a monetization invitation again. But can i use the same Adsense account? Would they be able to know that i have been previously invited for monetization in another account which was banned?
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    Youtube + adsense = quick $$$?

    and here are two videos that reported me for copyright infringement and my monetization is disabled. 1. Octopus walks on land 2. Two turkeys on thanksgiving wrecking corvette
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    Youtube + adsense = quick $$$?

    hey Blackwolf9, any tip on minimizing the chance of getting copyright strike by people? How did you manage to get away from copyright strike when you have almost 1 million view D:? Like could you gimme an example? Lets say an original video's title was "Two guys get hit by police for...
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    Youtube + adsense = quick $$$?

    how come i uploaded homemade videos but i got banned D:? I got total 3 copyright strikes and boom. Account suspended
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    Youtube + adsense = quick $$$?

    and here is the warning that i got from youtube before i got banned "This is the second copyright strike against your account. A single additional claim against your account will result in the termination of your account. To avoid this, delete any videos to which you do not own the rights...
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    Youtube + adsense = quick $$$?

    guys don't do this -.- I uploaded about 50 videos ( 8 videos daily) and I got a copyright infringement notice saying if i get one more copyright infringement, my account will get banned. but I just ignored this and kept uploading popular homemade videos. As the OP mentioned, no news or music in...
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    Youtube + adsense = quick $$$?

    I uploaded a video of an octopous walking on the land LOL the original vid has like 2 milion views and it has no music. it is just a homemade video film of an octopus.......