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  1. Visionary9

    Is it true ? Google rewrite your TITLE

    I have read this somewhere on internet Google might change your page Titles when showing them on their results Is it true ? Is anyone notice this?
  2. Visionary9

    Need help

    I have learn lot of things from this forum. Regarding seo and websites. Now i have start 3 websites, on micro niche I am face some issue, plz help 1. I have schedule approx 50 articles for next 3 month on my websites, My article get "MISS SCHEDULE" i dont know why. 2. I have post approx 30...
  3. Visionary9

    My 2 website rank in TOP 5 for some Keywords, keyword CPC is 16

    Hello, I am new here I learn a lot from community members. I have 2 micro niche websites which are rank from some keywords. For one keyword these 2 websites are in the top 5 and get traffic 100+ and Keyword CPC is 16 according to AHREF So I want to add Google ADSENSE, but i have no idea how to...