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  1. Koloktronis

    Can Google Identify Translated Content?

    I am bilingual and I operate in a niche that has tons of content in my native language. I take the content in my native language, I translate it, edit it, pass it through a plagiarism checker and I republish it to my English speaking blog. I am wondering if "G" can understand that the content...
  2. Koloktronis Just Scammed Me

    I was an affiliate with them (like until two hours ago) and as soon as I requested for my commissions, they figured out a scammy way to NOT pay them up. I was an affiliate with them for the past year or so. Their commission structure sucks, but hey, when you have one of these top 10 domain...
  3. Koloktronis

    Is Page Optimizer Pro all hype and nothing more?

    Hi guys, I have a question regarding page optimizer pro - you know, the well-know on-page SEO optimization tool who was invented by a guy who supposedly ranked a lorem-ipsum website using only on-page SEO signals. anyway, I 've signed up for the trial period version of this tool and I have...
  4. Koloktronis

    Is translated content considered plagiarized in Google's eyes?

    Hi guys o_O I've been translating content from Greek to English and used it as original content for guest posts. I am wondering though, Is translated content considered plagiarized in Google's eyes?
  5. Koloktronis

    How to exclude a specific category when autoblogging from another websites RSS feed.

    Hi, I own an auto blogging website that focuses on Bitcoin and Blockchain. I get articles from over 40 websites published to my website using WP Automatic. I want to know if there is a way to exclude specific categories from the RSS feeds of these websites. Does anyone have an idea how to...