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  1. viivii

    Spam links with .pw sites

    So lately i saw in my ahrefs profile some suspicious links, looks like simple advertising back link service Website they are on is new and not important to me to rank, but still, what is this some kind of new bot?
  2. viivii

    Domain name advice

    Hi, so i got this site (for more than 2 years) i have bought some backlings and seo (some time ago blackhat seo, no idea if iam penalized...) with domain .pro It have some medium hard keywords on top10 page. It has 9.3K backlinks. But i have plan to start from zero with nice domain name and .org...
  3. viivii

    EU vs COM

    Simple question, does the .EU domains indexes in google as good as .COM domains? Or better choose other like .biz .net .org Want to build site in phone niche. Tnx, sorry for newb questions :)
  4. viivii

    Proxy tools to test backconnect proxies

    Good day, anyone can suggest tool to test proxies? Iam using backconnect proxies and need to check how many proxies my backconnect service provider has. Tnx
  5. viivii

    Beginers cat journey on instagram

    Hello, wanted to ask Instagram pros some newbie questions. I will make Instagram account for my new super cute kitten. Is there way to some day get some profit from it? I can upload daily cute pictures and videos with him. My plan is to invest in facebook advertisements to get followers. Is...