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  1. KeyzDT

    Which link building strategy do you prefer?

    Hey, Yup! As the title says, Which service would you recommend for a brand new domain? 1. Guest post link with real traffic blogs. 2. PBN links with hand-written articles. 3. Niche PBN links with HQ 4. Diversified links including social shares. I would suggest diversified links for the new...
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    Empirical High Authority(DA30+) Backlinks From Niche PBN with SSL to Power up your site

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    Hey members, Here I came up to provide review copies for 10 members. WHAT YOU GET ? 2 Posts Used only Niche blogs Avg DA 30+ 500+ words article SSL certified blogs protected blogs WHAT WE WANT? Detailed Honest feedback from beta testers. I will choose 10 members. NOTE (CRITERIA FOR...
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    Hey Buddies, Here I came up to provide review copies for 5 members. WHAT YOU GET ? 3 Posts Avg DA PA 20+ TF 18+ Aged domains 15+ years 300 TO 400 words 100% Handwritten articles. WHAT WE WANT? Honest feedback from beta testers. I will choose 3 members. NOTE (CRITERIA FOR MEMBERS): JR.VIP...
  5. KeyzDT

    Warrior Forum has gotten better since they charged for membership.

    I actually find my self visiting warrior forum more often. still a lot of bunk over there but its a lot cleaner and information focused than before. I think that $10 membership charge paid off. I wonder if BHW will adapt a similar strategy?
  6. KeyzDT

    I bought a domain with a Yahoo Directory listing but....

    I know nothing about the yahoo directory I just heard its a good link to have for obvious seo reasons but what is this annual fee you have to pay $300 a year??? I bought this domain for it's great backlink profile and never even knew about the directory listing ( a nice surprise to say the...
  7. KeyzDT

    Did Pinball Publishing Company go AWOL?

    Pinball Publishing Network I mean. I'm owed 2 months payments and havent heard from them in weeks.
  8. KeyzDT

    I got a letter from Hostgator about updgrading their servers....

    HG told me they are doing a big server upgrade with a big long letter about "don't worry" and "not to panic" about downtime and losing traffic and stuff..... should I worry and panic?
  9. KeyzDT

    my keyword is ranking on page 1 for my site but....

    its one of those webstat sites that lists my site. My actual site is not even in the top 100 for the keyword. wtf is this all about?
  10. KeyzDT

    Better thread control

    Is there a feature on forums that let users set privelages for posters on a thread? like setting a thread so that only users with 100+ posts can contribute or something? there should be a feature like that.
  11. KeyzDT

    Croatia is the worst place to live?

    My IM income has been quite nice for a while now and thinking about doing some long term traveling around cheaper countries. I heard Croatia sucks. Is this true? I was thinking of going there.
  12. KeyzDT

    .XXX tld at .COM prices (around $10) for the month of May.

    Do these xxx domains have an advantage in SEO whatsoever besides immediate recognizability?
  13. KeyzDT

    Rate yourself at an Internet Marketer from 0 to 10...

    From 0 to 10 what would you give yourself as an IM'er? I'm giving myself a 6. why? 5 is average and I feel that I am above average at this point but I'm not making "huge" bank either. If you made any kind of money whatsoever you are at least a 1. Even if you mad 4 cents from an adsense click...
  14. KeyzDT

    Not sure if this was posted here....

    but this looks bad....
  15. KeyzDT

    question on backing up wordpress blogs

    I do a backup of my wordpress blogs every week in the form of an SQL.GZ file now I'm hearing these get corrupted easily??? is there a better way to do a FULL backup of a WP blog?
  16. KeyzDT

    Movies that motivate you when it comes to IM

    First, are there any movies about internet marketing? I can only think of one and its a bit of a stretch. there are 2 movies that just pump me up when it comes to IM. After I watch them I'm back on my computer and grinding like a mofo. the first one is wall street. not that sequel crap but...
  17. KeyzDT

    How do you rep somebody?

    I tried to rep someone the other day and I forgot how to. literally couldnt figure it out lol rep to the first person who helps me XD
  18. KeyzDT

    What the hell is this?

    I get it every time I go to the main forum section:
  19. KeyzDT

    As a guy what is the benefit of getting maried?

    I have technically been single my whole life (as in never married) when I was younger in my 20s I thought to myself I will probably want to get married when I am older but now the older I get the less I want to haha. never had a problem getting girls (I'm pretty good looking and charasmatic)...